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unconditional love

gray whale cow
Yesterday about 10pm I watched the National Geographic channel. It was Heart wrenching for me. The story is about a gray whale cow (mother) who kept on fighting against the 12 killer whales in order to save her calf's life. Here's the story. The boatload of nature lovers set out to celebrate Mother's Day whale watching on sunny Monterrey Bay, instead of relaxing view to every body they came upon a life-or- death struggle as a pack of six killer whales attacked a gray whale calf while its mother valiantly fought to shield her 8-ton baby, and The mother whale never left her calf's side and after a 4 hours battled they able to survive it "grabe". This episode is very inspiring, it shown that a mother's love is really unconditional...

personality check

Is it true that people can't change their personality? Or maybe it dependents on whom you are with. Our personality change over time because we are molded by our experiences we have in life either good or bad. Certain aspect of a personality can alter as you progress and learn more about yourself , "Self discovery" discovering inner self not personalities in different situation. I would like to share my little self discovery by the help of my loving husband.
I believe that I've change a lot . Before I am a self centered person , but since you know how to love unconditionally everything will change . I know it's sounds unbelievable to those people who really knows me, I remember my husband, he often told me how self centered I am, but when we got married and had our first child everything was change, he said that I am more matured and I know my priorities already.  

new years resolution "again"

I had a great time last night, my husband and I had a heart to heart conversation about our New years resolution. He asked me what's in my list. I answered him that I will tried to talk less, I should listen more before I say something ." ya right ! He said. I remember you promised me that already but sad to say you didn't change " kaloka na alala pa pala nya yun... OK!! I get it, maybe no new years resolution this year.

my journey to motherhood

 For me parenthood is one of the most important jobs in the world. I love being a Mother ( I can't imagine my life not being one). MY PREGNANCY overall I would say from the moment I found out I was pregnant I feel a kind of threw me for a loop. My first 3 months was completely miserable I lost a lot of weight. I was in and out of the hospital due to minor tummy ache. However I enjoyed being pregnant and I am proud to say I did a great job!!! The best part of being "soon to be mom" is to feel a precious life inside your tummy "one of a kind experience"GRABE.
It was all worth it!!! Giving birth I think the feeling was indescribable, a sheer of exhaustion but that it will immediately replace by one of indescribable love you have, the first time I saw my newborn child I am so grateful and every thing was so perfect. And to view life in the eyes of your own baby is just incredible. But I guess every woman has their own feeling and thoughts during this moment, motherhood is one of the best yet toughest learning experience that I've gone through,very much happy and proud to be a mother...

princess keina and Rio


To my two wonderful daughter Keina and Rio happy birthday to both of you. May God continue to bless you good health and good friends as well. Every day is a blessing with you mga anak!. I am so proud and grateful to have you both in our lives. I love you with all of my heart my mind and soul, God bless you Keina and Rio...

From the heart.Thank you.

Speech less!!! Receiving this wonderful quote to someone who's very special to your heart from someone I consider my best friend.
June my SISTER and my best FRIEND I miss you so much and thank you also for being there for me. I love you sis take care and I love you...

Sports Fest ( undokai )

( Kinder garden)

I'm dead tired today. We went to the school sports festival today and my kids and I are so tired  but it was all worth-it because we had so much fun, thank you God! 

 Rio with her schoolmates

( primary level)

From grade 1 to grade 6 student are composed by two teams the red and white team. 

I'm Glad that the school event went well and my kids had fun. Thank God for the gorgeous weather...

true friends

True friends who will stick to you no matter what happened, and a friend who really cares about you are some qualities of a true friend should have. But it is enough to say that you finally found your best friends? They say that we can count our true friends in one hand and it's true. We have a few friends. I mean those people we party and hang out with once in a while but some of us, I guess we are just wondering can a true friend last forever? Can we keep our friendship for life?

missing you

Mahirap pala pag wala sa tabi mo yung partner mo... My husband is out of town busy sa work kahit mahirap dapat kayanin diba. I feel like parang may asawa akong OFW. My husband needs to work alone medyo malayo kasi from here yung work nya. God help me !!! I miss him so much tiis tiis muna for the sake of our children. Being away for months palang nakaka stress na diba, my husband told me before siyang sumakay sa train " na he knows na mahirap lalo na yung pag dating sa homework ng mga bata yung school letters ( Di ko kasi mabasa yung ibang nakasulat mahirap ang kanji) he told me na kaya ko yan and he knows na di ko pababayaan yung mga anak namin. Yun na naiyak na ako grabe talaga."Eto ako ngayun sobrang nalulungkot pero I thank the Lord for giving me the kind of relationship na meron ako sa mga friends ko. They told me if I need anything lalo na pag dating sa school ng mga anak ko don't hesitate to call them or they will read that letter for me etc... I prove it already that culture is not the problem, kahit ibang lahi pwedeng maging close . I feel a little upset for awhile kasi parang nang liliit ako kung nababasa ko lang sana. Hay naku ayoko na munang mag EMOTE ...

shopaholic confession review

Rebecca Bloomwood lives in a flat in fashionable Fulham London, thanks to her flatmate, Suze, being wealthy. Becky works as a financial journalist for the magazine Successful Savings a job she says that no one who works there is very excited about, and they all say that they just "fell into," while in fact being unable to get better jobs. The job. Becky admits to actually knowing very little about personal finance as she is thousands of pounds in debt as is evidenced by a run through of her Visa card bill. She becomes deeper in debt by uncontrollably spending on designer homeware, clothes and beauty products. The book emphasises that her cycle of debt is not easily broken, as, even as she is thousands of pounds in debt, Becky still receives letters offering her credit and department store cards. She rationalises her overspending, for instance by referring to items as an 'investment' or necessary. Unfortunately for Becky, she considers things such as birthday presents for her friends as necessary. If you want to know more about this book, visit the official website of Shophie Kinsella's website

woman's crowning glory

Hair is a woman's crowning glory but millions of people are suffering from falling hair, dry, brittle and weak hair and become a common disorder these days. There is possible reason why these things happened. Before there are times when I take a shower a large amount of my hair falls out and I am so confused and I don't know what to do if I should see the doctor or is it just the shampoo I was using. I'm getting more concerned because I don't know why my hair suddenly falls out that much and I am so stress until there are few things and advices I consider and it helps me a lot. My mom thinks that I should see the doctor to check my condition which I did. I went to Makati Medical Center and I’m glad that my mom encourage me to go to the hospital, a few lab test was made and then my doctor found out that I have a thyroid problem she told me the symptoms like loss of hair, and changes in hair texture. Whether it's thinning eyebrows, or inability to hold a perm, to coarse hair. And I think people should need to know this if you have a thyroid problem and concerned about the amount of hair you are losing. I suggest you to visit your doctor as soon as possible. Thyroid problem is not the only source of losing hair. There are some steps to take. Physical and Emotional stress are very common to woman and probably the main reason of unhealthy hair. Exercise is good for relieving your stress relaxation is the best cure for stress so take a break girl!!! Make sure that you are eating the right food and watch your diet is the best advice I can give. Remember poor nutrition had something to do with your health and probably the cost of losing your hair. Good nutrition you can find in fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. There are several vitamins too that can help your hair grow and look healthier Good luck :D.

sagot kita :D

Watching TV makes me relax and Thank God for TFC (The Filipino Channel) because I have a chance to watch my favorite shows like TV patrol, Probe team, and a lot more. To all the mothers out there I like to recommend this show “Wonder Mom" very informative and I like the concept of empowering all the mothers to face the different parenting issues and how to look for the solutions through the help of experts is great. Sagot kita love to hear that tag line assuring the mothers that they are not alone. Love it!


Good news everyone !! Finally I got my permanent resident visa effective today, four months of waiting is all worth it, my God I am so happy ....

not again

My kids started to ignore me and It really pisses me off !!! I said; Lately I notice something, you aren't listening to me anymore. Like yesterday I told you to pick those things on the floor but you ignored me. While I'm talking I notice that they are too busy watching their favorite show Hanna Montana, for sure they haven't heard the things I've said. What I did was I turned the TV off and ask them to listen for a while because I want to say something, I talked to them in firm but loving voice...
I have a few rules inside our house. I believe as a parent the rules exist to protect the safety of our children for them to understand the meaning of being respectful and obedient . I know my kids and I do expect my children to obey me but sometimes kids break rules and I told them if you break the rules there is a consequence . I have a variety of discipline methods and it works for me, taking away their privileges to do the thing they love like "No Disney channel for today or go to your room " and in front of them I took all their favorite toys and put all that stuff in the garbage can it works!!. I told them if they want those toys again they have to earn them back.. I know that every parent has it's own way to discipline their children, some of us believes that spanking is the way to discipline our kids. I used to spank my daughter but I feel bad about it. I remember one time I spank her with a wooden ladle and after I saw the stripes mark on her arm, I felt like I punished her the wrong way and I hate it. If I can't handle some situation, my husband is always there to back me up and I admire him for that and he believes that spanking is not the way to discipline the kids because they will start hitting back or end up hitting other people.

Is this real?


book series

Confession of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Is a story of a British woman who works in finance to help others manage their financial situation, yet she is a crazy spender . Funny story and if you read this first series I guess you want to finish the second book right away.

This are the SHOPAHOLIC
book series

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan , Shopaholic ties a knot ,Shopaholic and the sister ,Shopaholic and baby.

parent trap

The parent trap is wonderful remake of the original 1961 movie. I have seen the original film that was good. But for me I like the new one because of Lindsay Lohan she is so funny and she did a great job in this movie and how they duplicate her character was fantastic.

get well soon

My 4 year old daughter has been running a fever and headache since yesterday and I am getting more concern because her fever went up from 38 c - 39.2 c. I took her to the nearest hospital yesterday and the doctor said that my daughter has a strep throat and he advised me that my daughter needs a medication fluid or I.V and they took a blood sample too.. Were in the hospital for almost five hours grabe.
As of today she needs to take antibiotics for four days to prevent more serious complications. Get well soon tabaching.

freaked out

Is this real? Like it was happening talaga buti na lang at nagising ako kung hindi what will happened to me binabangungot ata ako. But thank God it was just a dream, scary talaga. About last night before I went to bed, I read a book for a while in order for me to fall asleep. Then my husband reminds me to sleep early because kaylangan before six am gising na ako ( as usual school time for Kei-Rio). Then around 11 pm I went to our room sleepy to sleep .
My Nightmare. In my dream someone told me that Rio my daughter had an ACCIDENT. It was frightening, and the next thing I remember was the words that came out in my mouth was "oh my God ", then I suddenly felt my tears run down my face. In my dream, my eldest daughter was screaming and ginigising nya ako, and she is yelling at me like "wake up mom, wake up something bad is happening right now. So yun na! Bigla na akong nagising and nagulat na lang ako when I opened my eyes I was crying and the inexplicable part was my sleeping position ( my feet was on the head board of our bed already) grabe ano ba to. I had this feeling "Did I walked while sleeping?" Right away I sat beside our bed and pray isa pang nakakagulat nung tinignan ko yung alarm clock 3:05 am. What a coincident because I heard from a certain friend that Witching Hour is supposedly 3:00am oh my I'm scared talaga...Grabe kaya nanginginig pa rin ako ..

Friends Forever

Boredom yes!! Blank as in yes walang maisip, nakaka inis boring... I am her alone in the living room with my computer in front of me. I already checked my email hay eto parin ako looking for something na interesting sites, but still wala parin!So what I did was instead of trifle away my precious time ka pipindot ng keyboard nag out nalang ako so ayun. I watched the news na lang. Until all of the sudden I notice something and I started to opened it (a box of video tapes) I remember I cleaned our room nga pala then I put in all our video tapes in that box to keep and preserved the memories yun. Inside that box are videotapes from our family gatherings, my moms birthday celebration and my kids school activities. Kasama pa yung all time favorite ko baby videos of my two daughters. Love watching it regularly as in walang sawa. And inside that box I saw my eight years ago bon voyage party on my former workplace, there I am with my friends enjoying the night katatawa and singing happy happy hahaha. The most memorable part in that event was to be with someone na close to your heart like my dear friend lizs, she is one of my blessings and I treasure her friendship drama ko no. Pano ba naman one of a kind And totoong kaibigan ; I miss her so much really but we are miles apart kaya walang chance para mag kita kami. I remember before kami maging friends like the ordinary GFF relationship we had been through a lot as in. I cannot imagine why we turned out to be that close sa dami ng pinag daan namin, sa lahat ng nakaka kilala samin imposible na maging close kami. But I think we are destined to be friends. I miss you mare I miss all our memories together. I love you friend mwhaa..

loser's wrong doing shoutout

You don't have to be an intellectual to understand what's a smart thing to do and what is a stupid thing to do, it might not be clear to someone like you ayyy. All I know was you are the one who is jealous and envious friend not me.Don't act like rich,oh please.Look at the mirror and look for something that I should jealous for,masyado kang assuming. You are totally crazy girl. Don't act that you have it all, you look so damn stupid b****.Karma is all around your corner.Don't be so stupid act your age.backstabber...

you want some Coffee ^-^

Girl buy me some coffee please, as always this is my simple favor to my sister she knew it already that me and my husband are coffee fanatic ... Here in our home half of the load in our ref is Starbucks coffee. Simple as we are coffee lovers and we can't live without caffeine. And then my sister asked me why Starbucks? There are other brands of coffee hello!! I guess she is right, why Starbucks? All I know is. I love the taste , smell and the name ehehehe...

getting old

Before my eldest daughter leave the house for school she asked me this question " Mom, is it necessary that all the people in this world will die? for example, the old people? Why do people die? I was in total blank because for me that question is really hard to explain .I said to her; You know honey there are things in this world sometimes its hard to explain, like your this one. But for sure in a right time I will explain it to you OK... We all know that death is a natural part of life and lately I notice that she's been very curious about that for couple of weeks already .About dying and where do people go when they die. I know she deserves to know the truth but for me I don't want to answer that question for now, because she is too vulnerable to accept the reality that is why I chose not too. I thought the Q&A is over until she asks me for another one, Mom she look straight in my eyes and said " when you be come an old lady you will not die right because you love me and you would not leave me ? And I said "yes I love you ! You know that did you? I want you to remember this, Mama is always here for both of you no matter what happens my love for you will  stay forever .But just promise me when I grow old you will take good care of me and papa right? She answered me with a smile , "I will mama promise."

back to school

Another busy day!! Now that my two daughters are back to school and I am back to my morning schedules as well. Wake up time should be at 6:30 a.m. I am a slow starters so I need to warm up first to get my morning started. Anyway here's my schedule! Breakfast time- (preparation)  30 to 40 minutes our breakfast menu as always ( fried rice, ham and sunny side up with misoshirui soup. Or rice, fish and soup). Sometimes cereal and milk or bread with butter and strawberry jam.Then for hygiene in shower 15 min, pick something to wear 15min in short just give them 30 to 40Min's to finish it. At 7:30am my kids leave for school and my husband should leave before 8am for work. About me by 9am nap time naman =))
I guess my morning routine takes me forever. I hate to be rushed but this is my world my family is my life, I love my job. They said that being a full time mom is the highest salary ever because the payment is pure love aww ...

my digi scraping


My sister was watching TV patrol while I am doing this post. She asked me to watch the star patrol, while watching the TV one of the news anchor was announcing the up coming reunion concert of the Eraserheads, oh my gosh! They are my favorite. I remember pa nga how I begged for that Eraserheads tape ( we don't have the CD players that time because poor pa kami noon huhuhu.) I remember before my mom bought me that tape it took us a week pa no...
About sa concert na yan sad to say I didn't have the chance to watch that most awaiting concert in the Philippine history ang taray hahaha . In news if I am not mistaken the venue is in taguig Global City, the ticket rates from 800 to 1,300 pesos ang saya this saturday na. Good luck Eraserheads in your reunion concert. Looking forward na mag ka part II Good luck Eheads...

bad hair day

To look well is all-primed from head to toe, and watching your diet and your stress level for your inner beauty is important. Let's face it, it is expensive to be a woman! Just how far can we go to look beautiful? I am a very busy person, I spent most of my time taking good care of my family. If I will given a chance, I told my sister that I love to go in a spa or salon again, I think five months ago pa yung last hair-cut ko hahaha. Then my sister gave me this look and she asked me if it's OK if I accompany her in a beauty salon and perfect timing "daw" for me because I need to fix my hair na. My mean sister told me this ha! "you need a hot oil or conditioning treatment because the damage in your hair is like traveling up" it hurts !!
Our appointment in salon was 2pm but we arrived at 3pm already late, na shy ako bigla we're so mean, but we say sorry naman, as I sat there looking for a nice hair-style in the magazine our hair stylist gave me an idea and asked me if I want to have a bangs, and I said yes no problem then she started to cut my hair na. Gee! I feel great and I feel like I'm five years younger hahahah winner . Happy and ready for our up coming PTA meeting ... Thanks to you sis ..^-^

best look for you this coming fall

I love fashion magazines! Because it is not only about fashion, but it also about woman's health, and how to empower us "women" to show how awesome we are and of course it encourage us not only to recognize our own natural beauty but to develop our consciousness when it comes to fashion and health. 

Best Fall Looks
for Mothers

Here are the most trending question about fashion. Most women is concern about the new trend apparel and how to work in our body. Some of us wants to look SLIMMER and how to hide our TUMMY or minimize the HIPS, we need our figure fix by choosing the right trends for us.

To look slimmer and hide your tummy

Here are the clothes for you

A fluted skirt to balances out the curves. Wrap tops to hide your tummy while showing off slim collar bones . Wrap dresses whittle your waist and slim the lower body. Pinstripes trousers make legs look longer. Try one of these tips for instant streamlining. Details at the neck draw the eye up and away from your stomach. Buttons down the side slim and elongate the lower body. Try a double breasted blazer makes the torso look narrower. For your hips try trousers with wide cuffs to balance out hips. A high-waist shift with an A line shapes to hide hips. How about A bias-cut skirt that skims over hips.Choose any of theses ideas that is best for you.

AVOID: Pegged pencil skirt that accentuate your curves. No to Chunky sweater that bulk you up and a belted dress that cuts you in your widest area. A high-waist skirt that adds extra bulk to your belly do not ware that, and a short sweater avoid it because it only puts your belly on displace. If your problem is your hips like me, I think too tight pants and a straight tight pencil cut skirt, is no no because it can only highlight the hips and thighs it can only notice the curvy body you want to hide.


Happy Birthday Jelexie. Have a great life. Take care and I love you sis.=))

About Jelexie, she is a kind and loving tita to her nephews and nieces . Very out spoken and love by her friends . what you see is what you get, ang taray ng lola ko ehehehe =))Happy Birthday.

stress reliever

There are times when you feel so alone and I think that you experienced it (right) that you feel lonely, empty and stress. Even your own family cannot fill the emptiness within, but what are the things to do if you feel alone and stress? For me, we feel stress when we let our self to think about the things, that gives us stress, I experience it for so many times. So I like to share a few suggestions on how to deal with your stress. It helps believe me. First think positive and remember that everything happens for a reason, do the things that you love, like treat yourself in a spa or salon and watching movies with your friends are fun, it keeps your mind off being lonely and stress for a while. Talking with friends and express your feelings to a trusted family or friend is necessary. Exercise is a good stress reliever and healthy also. Remember pity things are a waste of your time. Live,love,laugh =)

our home

A home should be an extension of our personality. Have you ever know that the things inside our house can reveal the truths about our personality!!!

Living room: You are sociable and enjoy talking to people. Whenever you have the opportunity, you'll help people. You don't shirk responsibility, and in fact enjoy taking on leadership roles.

Kitchen: Easygoing and altruistic, you are most happy when taking care of others. While at times you can be boisterous, you make people feel comfortable around you and they always seek your advice when they have problems

Dinning room: You are conservative, cautious and don't panic in emergencies. You are an extrovert, and like sharing ideas with people. However, you also need to spend time alone to organize your thoughts.

Bedroom: You are imaginative and colorful. You attract people just by the way you talk. This can make some people feel jealous.

Bathroom: You take good care of yourself and are concerned about your health. When you hear about any new illnesses, you start watching out for the first symptoms to appear. This can sometimes annoy your friends. However, you look at the world on the bright side, and this makes you quite popular.

Balcony: You love freedom and hate to be controlled. You want to walk away from all the rules and rely on your imagination to direct your life instead. When you need to re energize yourself, you head to the beach or to the forest.

dear dad

Happy birthday daddy. I love you and I miss you so much take care and God bless you dad.Always remember this, that what ever you do and what ever mistakes you did.We will always be here in your side.Mom,Me,June,Lex and Jam will stick to you like a glue forever.You are the Best dad =)

gitensha koen

Cute ride

Bonding time with my friend Rica and her kids Shion and Kannon chan. We went to a bicycle park (gitensha koen) in Japanese to spend our afternoon. I really do love this place because this park is like a real driving school with complete sets of traffic lights and regulatory sign. Actually the best thing about this park is me being a driving teacher to my kids. I had the opportunity to teach my kids about the meaning of the traffic lights and the driving signs around the park. My gosh, I Feel like a professional driving instructor na hehehe^-^.

But before that, it took us an hour  before they lend that ride. While waiting for our turn my friend and I, had a heart to heart talk about life, career and future plans. I learn a lot from her and she proved to me how tough she is and I admire her for that.
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