stress reliever

There are times when you feel so alone and I think that you experienced it (right) that you feel lonely, empty and stress. Even your own family cannot fill the emptiness within, but what are the things to do if you feel alone and stress? For me, we feel stress when we let our self to think about the things, that gives us stress, I experience it for so many times. So I like to share a few suggestions on how to deal with your stress. It helps believe me. First think positive and remember that everything happens for a reason, do the things that you love, like treat yourself in a spa or salon and watching movies with your friends are fun, it keeps your mind off being lonely and stress for a while. Talking with friends and express your feelings to a trusted family or friend is necessary. Exercise is a good stress reliever and healthy also. Remember pity things are a waste of your time. Live,love,laugh =)

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