princess keina and Rio


To my two wonderful daughter Keina and Rio happy birthday to both of you. May God continue to bless you good health and good friends as well. Every day is a blessing with you mga anak!. I am so proud and grateful to have you both in our lives. I love you with all of my heart my mind and soul, God bless you Keina and Rio...

From the heart.Thank you.

Speech less!!! Receiving this wonderful quote to someone who's very special to your heart from someone I consider my best friend.
June my SISTER and my best FRIEND I miss you so much and thank you also for being there for me. I love you sis take care and I love you...

Sports Fest ( undokai )

( Kinder garden)

I'm dead tired today. We went to the school sports festival today and my kids and I are so tired  but it was all worth-it because we had so much fun, thank you God! 

 Rio with her schoolmates

( primary level)

From grade 1 to grade 6 student are composed by two teams the red and white team. 

I'm Glad that the school event went well and my kids had fun. Thank God for the gorgeous weather...

true friends

True friends who will stick to you no matter what happened, and a friend who really cares about you are some qualities of a true friend should have. But it is enough to say that you finally found your best friends? They say that we can count our true friends in one hand and it's true. We have a few friends. I mean those people we party and hang out with once in a while but some of us, I guess we are just wondering can a true friend last forever? Can we keep our friendship for life?

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