Quote of the day... Love begins at home.

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action. ~Mother Teresa

Flight to Singapore...

We all know that being a mom is the toughest yet the best jobs in the world, because the payment is pure and unconditional love. I can’t even imagine my life not being a mom because I am what I am today because of my children, and they made my life complete. I will forever be grateful to God for blessing me and giving me the best jobs in the world....

Let's celebrate! Congratulations on your Graduation day.

A letter to my daughter on her Graduation day.  

Congratulations Kei!
Dear Keina, 

First of all congratulations on your graduation. I know you're excited about starting middle school. You know that I am excited too right, but just give me at least a day to digest and accept the fact that you're not a baby anymore. Promise I won't get too nostalgic and do all the whole misty-eyed.

It feels like yesterday when you were my newborn baby, I cried at how beautiful you were. I made a promised to you then that I would always be there for you, that I would do anything to protect you and that I would be the best mom for you. That day when I first held you in my arms. I knew deep in my heart that it was a love at first sight.

As days and months had past, you crawled, walk and talked. I still remember your first word it was "dada", did you know that your papa was so thrilled when he heard that! But you know anak, I initially thought that it would be "mama" or "mum mum" lol. Ok then you had your first steps, your first favorite disney character its winnie the pooh and your favorite colors are yellow, red and pink.

And we went off to kindergarden... I remember how excited you were when we enrolled you in kindergarten from there you met your best friend. When you are in kinder two you stunned all of us with your newfound interest in piano. We are so impressed on how quick you learned to play the instrument, that's why at the age of four your Papa and I decided to pursue your interest in playing the piano. I think the part that impressed me the most was seeing you in a long dress on stage watching you on your first piano recital with teacher Suzuki. It was a very successful event and you made me so proud of you. I also do remember your first day in elementary school vividly. In grade three you made a beautiful sketch of a dress. I thought it is just a hobby at first, but now you wanted it to be a career in the future. I promise that I will support you in every step of the way :)

Mom's advise. Now that you're entering the high school, I want to impart the value of education and the importance of choosing your "friends" wisely. Always be yourself as I told you so and remember that in every journey or career path you'll choose or pursue in the future. I'll be here for you to guide and protect you. ( sniff ) Don't worry I'll stop crying eventually this is what you called tears of proud and joy!  

Keina, sweetheart, be my baby a little bit longer. I want to tell you to freeze! Pause or hold right there you are growing up so fast. Look at you now! My little baby is growing up to be a young beautiful lady. Again my sunshine, congratulations!

May our dear Lord continue to blessed and guide you, don't forget to Pray and Good luck on fulfilling your dreams sweetheart. As long as you are doing the right thing and doing it with love and passion just go for it! Go confidently in direction of your dreams and work hard for it! In time you will achieve any goal your heart's desires. Just dream, believe in yourself and pray ...

~ Delight yourself in the LORD, 
and he will give you the desires of your heart. 
Psalm 37:4 ~

Keina, I Love you beyond words could ever describe. I will always be your number one fan, a cheerleader, your bodyguard, cook, driver, best friend, superwoman and your forever Mom!

Love your Mom.



To my angel mom.

One year and five months had past since you left us. Certain pain feels fresh like yesterday! I guess its gonna take a lifetime to even accept the fact that you're not here mom and I hate this feeling of emptiness in my heart :( If only I could turn back the hands of time I'd do anything to have one more laugh, one more cry, one more arguments and one more hug with you mom....
You'll alway and forever in my heart! Rest in heaven mom, I love you..... 


Quick post. I started this blog as a way to write down my thoughts about my life. Writing for me is almost like a therapy, there are times when I get sad, bored, happy or (wala lang)I get things off my chess... This journal helps me see things from different viewpoint it provides me where I can just ME "just be myself" I know I can't do this forever. Sometimes ( I feel that its about time na ) and it's just feels like it is the appropriate time to say my good bye post, but there are times naman "na my gosh wag muna Jac! There are a lot of things to learn and to share. sayang naman." At muka atang nakakalimutan ko ang main reason why I made this blog. This is not just about ME, and my personal achuchu~ drama. This blog is about my children and their milestones...
Oh my gulay it's been a heck of a ride. I've been  writing for almost 3 or 4 years, and it's been an  amazing journey. Pero kung alam nyo lang nakaka stress din ang may online journal, Halimbawa! There are moments na when my work is keeping me sooooo busy + my household duties, tapos I came to the point na I don't have any stories to tell diba nakaka stress yun, especially kung may regular na bumabasa sa post mo...
Hayan na at lumipas na naman ang mga araw at bwan pero wala pa ring post, kainis naman. Dumatin na ako sa point na sinabi ko sa sarili ko na "oi anong petsa na teh~" wala ka pa ring post tsk tsk tsk!"

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

         I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
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