Food Trip Friday- Steak

Thank God it's Friday and welcome to Food trip Friday. Here is my food for today =)

~Bikkuri Donkey Restaurant  ~

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Mommy Moments- Red and Blue.

mommy moments

Last week I wasn't able to post my Mommy Moments entry. I was busy preparing some of the documents for my mom. We're planning to invite her for a vacation this month and I'm still recovering (READ THIS !) after I fainted ten days ago, I still have some bruises specifically on the left side of my rib cage and on my left leg.. I'm good after what happened! Thank God that noting serious naman!!!
Anyway! Here's my Mommy Moments  RED!

 ~Captain Hook~

~Mr Incredible~ 


~Rio in Red~

~Favorite Wii game~

And for Mommy Moments theme for today is blue.

~Mickey Mouse~

~Chef Mickey~



~Rio's School Project~

Join us here in Mommy Moments. Happy weekend =)

Happy Birthday WILLA =)

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos


I just want to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday. I wish you the fulfillment of all your dreams. I hope that whatever you want most in life will come true. Have a great time and I love you friend =) God bless you HUGS!!

Food Trip Friday- Pasta Carbonara

For my Food Trip Friday for today I prepared my kids favorite Pasta Carbonara =)

~Pasta Carbonara~

Not my best Sunday

Last Sunday April 18. I started to feel weird and dizzy kind of blew it off thing. So I decided to take a shower before I went to bed. I was showering when I got really weak and couldn't stand straight. I started to see weird black dots all over and my hearing got kind of a ringing sound in it. Soon after, everything sounded like an echo and my vision was completely black. I decided to close my eyes, sat down on the shower floor to relax and hoping to get my energy back. After about two minutes I could finally sit up and about a minute after that, I felt strong enough to stand, even though I still feel weak, I decided to continue my shower. I turn the shower on and started washing my hair. But I got really dizzy. My ears were popped and I couldn't barely see and I couldn't hear anything. I‘m scared! I almost felt like I’m going to die. I try to get out of the shower and I ask for help but after about 1-2 minutes I fainted out.

My husband and my sister came in to rescue me. My husband told me how pale I was. He wanted to call for an ambulance but I told him he didn’t have too, I’m fine. I was on our bed after I fainted and fell straight down onto a floor. My husband helped me to put my Pj’s on and he was there  all the time taking good care of me.

~I think the contusion is getting bigger everyday~

As of today I had some bruises on the left side of my body that's the side I fell on. It’s been four days since the accident happened. Until now I had a mild pain near the lower waist area. My left leg was deeply hurt but I’m lucky enough that I didn’t bump my head that hard.

To my sister Lexie, thank you for everything I love you. And to my superman,(my husband). Thank you for your understanding, thank you for taking good care of me. I really do understand why you keep on pushing me to drink one liter of water a day and I promise you that I will not skip my breakfast again. I love you Pa =)

Mommy Moments- Yellow :D

mommy moments

For Mommy Moments theme for today is about YELLOW !

~Meet my Hub's new friend PLUTO :D. Sorry Mickey ~

~With my Sister Lexie~

Food Trip Friday- Pininyahang manok

Speaking of food :D. Finally, I was able to cook Pininyahang manok two days ago and I am proud that the food taste good!!

~Pininyahang Manok~

Join us here in Food Trip Friday. Happy weekend everyone :D

Pixel Bug Weekend- No more monkey- bars.

Hello everyone!! Welcome to  Sassy Mom's Pixel Bug. and here is my weekend highlight story for today!!!

Are they pretty in their pink spring jacket? Wow, I just love seeing both of them wearing the same outfit together..

These photos caught my eye while I flipped through pictures today. I remember how we enjoyed the cloudy afternoon while we were playing and roaming around the park.. Although the sky was partly cloudy my kids and I had so much..

My kids love spent some time playing at the park and once in a while my kids challenges me to a game, but there were times when I was not in a mood to play games, but I would always find myself saying yes anyway! Every time I say YES I would always see the nice smile on their face. It was the perfect smile that could brighten up my day.

Playing with Kei and Rio is always fun and interesting thing to do. I love watching them how they think and manage the game that we played.. In that day, Rio is the head of the game and she decided to play on the monkey-bars. the rules was, we will have to race using the monkey bars till the last obstacle course to win the challenge.. Oh boy! I said NO monkey bars ok!! That's the first thing that pop-up in my mind. My kids knew that I am a big chicken at playground, I always get worried that one of my kids or I will fall off the monkey bars. Although, I was not in the mood. I ended up saying OK lets play. As I placed both of my hand on the monkey bar. I saw both of them smiling at me, as I took my feet off the board were I standing on. I started to swing a little hard and pushed my body up to get the next monkey bar. I 'm heavy, I said. I can't pull my self up. I give up!! No mom Rio said. You better move your leg , hand and swing your body forward!!! As I try my best to grab the next monkey bar, Kei came to my rescue and said. She can't do that. Look, she can't even move her hand to pull her self up, mama is too heavy for monkey bars. Ouch, next time no more monkey bars OK!!!

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Little Tikes Fold Away ClimberLittle Tikes Fold Away Climber

Mommy Moments- Shoes

mommy moments

How time flies! It's Friday once again :) and all of us here in Mommy Moments we're bringing you another fun~fun and exciting theme every week and for this week our theme is about shoes.

~My favorite Shoes~

~My kids formal shoes~

~These two shoes from Vans and Cedar Crest are my kids favorite shoes~

I hope you can visit Chris of Mommy Moments to join. Have a great weekend!!! Hugs!

Food Trip Friday-Hamburger steak with tomato sauce

Welcome to Food Trip Friday and here's my food :)

Package burning (hanbagu) of (gorugonzorachizu) by Coco's
~Hamburger steak with tomato sauce and cheese~

You will definitely love the taste of refreshing sourness of the fresh tomato with melted cheese.

Join us here in Food Trip Friday... Happy weekend!

GT-My favorite Junk Food

Happy Thursdays everyone =) welcome to another exciting and fun theme to share here in Girls Talk! For this week our theme is all about favorite snack/Junk food!!

~Chocolate with almonds is one of my favorite ~

I'm not the type of person who eats Junk Food all day but I'll find myself reaching for a chocolate bar rather than an apple or banana, whenever I feel tired or hungry chocolate bar is all I need lol. This is funny guys, a friend of mine wished that( I quote) "I wished chocolate was a vegetable! What if chocolate bar is a HEALTHY green VEGETABLE? Wow healthy food diba!!

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I Love Mother Earth tag is back!!

PhotobucketI am planning this for a month already and I guess this is the right time to introduce these tag again =). Some of my dear friends had participated already and I hope you do the same. By posting the badge in your page you're already helping us on saving our mother earth. How this badge work!! All you have to do is to grab the badge and tell us about your ideas or contribution on how to save our Mother Earth.


I use the Eco-friendly shopping bags that I take it with me every time I go for shopping-grocery. I also carry a couple of recycle shopping bags to put the meat or other wet products. I know by simply using this Eco friendly shopping bag I can make a big difference to the preservation of our planet. Imagine for one Eco Bag each that we're using, we are avoiding tons of plastic bag dumped into landfill sites and rivers everyday. Have you ever heard that nowadays plastic bags growth is more than us! Ouch that is huge right!!! Well, we all know that we can't get rid of plastic bag completely but by reusing and recycling plastic bags might be the best way and having enough education and awareness on saving our Mother Earth is the most important.

Now it's your time to share ^o^

Here's the rules:

~Click the badge to get the code, then put the logo on your blog sidebar and post.
~Tell us what is your contribution to our planet? You live here for sure you've got something to share!! Post any pictures or share some of your ideas on how to help and save our planet Earth.
~Post this rules.
~Share this tag to as many Blogger as you can think.

I'm inviting all of you to join and to all my dear friends who had participate already, you are welcome to post and share your ideas again =) Happy Blogging!!

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