Mommy Moments- Grandparents.

mommy moments

It's nice to be back here in Mommy Moments and for this week's MM theme is about grandparents. My kids are blessed to have a loving and caring Obachan- grandma. My MIL is so sweet, loving and caring.. Actually, I love everything about her she's an amazing woman.

 MIL with her grandchildren

My parents are awesome, funny and most of all loving grandparents. My mom and dad are in their 50's healthy and young at hearts. In my teenage years, I despised my parents tight control over my sisters and I. Now that I'm a parent, I have become more appreciative of my dad and mom's parenting skills. I really had great admiration for them. Now that my parents are grandparents already I guess they are the best GP and GM.

 Mom and Dad

Our summer fun vacation with lola

Share your Mommy Moments with us. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Food Trip Friday- Sashimi salad, Lobster and Hamburger steak.

Hello food trippers how's your day going ? Hope everyone is doing great today! By the way folks its TGIF and welcome to Food Trip Friday here's my FTF post for today..

Sashimi Salad

Lobster and Hamburger Steak

Join us here in Food Trip Friday Happy weekend =)
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