personality check

Is it true that people can't change their personality? Or maybe it dependents on whom you are with. Our personality change over time because we are molded by our experiences we have in life either good or bad. Certain aspect of a personality can alter as you progress and learn more about yourself , "Self discovery" discovering inner self not personalities in different situation. I would like to share my little self discovery by the help of my loving husband.
I believe that I've change a lot . Before I am a self centered person , but since you know how to love unconditionally everything will change . I know it's sounds unbelievable to those people who really knows me, I remember my husband, he often told me how self centered I am, but when we got married and had our first child everything was change, he said that I am more matured and I know my priorities already.  

new years resolution "again"

I had a great time last night, my husband and I had a heart to heart conversation about our New years resolution. He asked me what's in my list. I answered him that I will tried to talk less, I should listen more before I say something ." ya right ! He said. I remember you promised me that already but sad to say you didn't change " kaloka na alala pa pala nya yun... OK!! I get it, maybe no new years resolution this year.

my journey to motherhood

 For me parenthood is one of the most important jobs in the world. I love being a Mother ( I can't imagine my life not being one). MY PREGNANCY overall I would say from the moment I found out I was pregnant I feel a kind of threw me for a loop. My first 3 months was completely miserable I lost a lot of weight. I was in and out of the hospital due to minor tummy ache. However I enjoyed being pregnant and I am proud to say I did a great job!!! The best part of being "soon to be mom" is to feel a precious life inside your tummy "one of a kind experience"GRABE.
It was all worth it!!! Giving birth I think the feeling was indescribable, a sheer of exhaustion but that it will immediately replace by one of indescribable love you have, the first time I saw my newborn child I am so grateful and every thing was so perfect. And to view life in the eyes of your own baby is just incredible. But I guess every woman has their own feeling and thoughts during this moment, motherhood is one of the best yet toughest learning experience that I've gone through,very much happy and proud to be a mother...

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