Pixel Bug Weekend - My dad.

My father is currently in the hospital because of mild chest pain he had last week. He has been in the hospital for three days now, and will be for probably another week. He had a BP of 175/120. And blood tests show he has a high cholesterol too. For some reason I choose this photo as my pixel bug entry for this week.

My dad...

Get well soon dad! I hope you learn to maintain your diet without breaking it! I love you dad!!!

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get well soon dad!

cholesterol Pictures, Images and Photos

My dad just had a blood test today his cholesterol level is 8.1. I've heard that it is reasonably high. Other than that he has another health issues, he had a BP of 175/120. Oh my gosh he needs a diet for both!!! My dad is in the hospital for 3 days now. Get well soon dad, I hope you learn to maintain your diet without breaking it! I love you po!!!

Mommy Moments- Chore Time

mommy moments

Thank God it's Friday and welcome to Mommy Moments! For this week our theme is all about our kids chore time and I'm so excited to share it with you!!!

Helping each other to clean up the toys

Wow,I'm impress! She washed the whole dishes without any help from me! Proud of her..Wink!

She loves to clean up her room using this vacuum cleaner..

This is funny. I told her to clean up your toys! instead of picking up all the toys she suddenly grabbed the vacuum cleaner and she told me that it's much easier if she will use the vacuum to clean up her toys! hummm... Smart kid..

Mommies, tell us you precious moments and join us here in Chris of Mommy Moments! Have a fun and blessed weekend everyone!!!

food trip Friday-Menudo.

Hi and welcome to Food trip Friday. Here is my FTF for this week!!!


I cooked dinner for my friends yesterday they are around 10 to 15 people and five of them are Japanese. I was overwhelmed that they love my food hurray!! But I need to go home early after I received a phone call from my mom. She said that Dad needs to go to the hospital that night because he had a mild chest pain.

To all my readers, please pray for my dad's speedy recovery. I'm so scared and worry right now.. Thank you so much !

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simply the best :)

Hubby's birthday is coming up and I really want to do something extra special for him on his birthday. But until now, I have no idea pa grrr!! I want to make it really special for him. Yesterday I asked him about watching the movie or roaming around the mall would be fun but he simply replied me with NOPE I'm busy!!
Oh my gulay! I'm running out of time but I'm hoping that my last idea will work; since I'm hopeless when it comes of buying presents I guess a nice dinner date will work. Actually I save some money for that err fancy dinner date.. ok good luck to me :)

domestic duties.


Here's another reason why your partner should help more around the house; it's important for your health. Research studied nearly 2800 households and found that men were slack when it came to some of the most common daily chores.More than 90% of women surveyed were the only ones doing the washing and ironing, with less that 2.5% of couples regularly sharing these jobs. And while there's no shortage of male restaurant chefs,the study found that less than a quarter of the men surveyed cooked at home. Women whose husbands refused to be involve in domestic duties were 1.6 times more likely to feel distressed and 1.2 times more likely to be unhappy...

food trip Friday hamburger steak.

Hey guys!!! Another sweet and delicious food to share in Food trip Friday. Here is my food !!!

Kei's favorite hamburger steak...

Join us here in Food trip Friday! Happy weekend!!

Mommy Moments- Yummy!

mommy moments

TGIF and welcome to Mommy Moments ! For this week our theme is all about Yummy!!

I notice that my kids are a little picky eaters that's why I always fixed stuff that my children would eat. I make my kids at least try everything I cook like I serve with fruits first then move on to the veggies. But sometimes my kids just don't even like to eat them.

Ice cream...

French fries her all time favorite!

Join us here in Mommy Moments! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Girls talk-my favorite pastime

Hello and welcome to Girls Talk! for this weeks theme is all about our pastime.

With my family!

Most importantly and first on my list-spending time with my kiddos and hubby is my favorite pastime ever.

TV Pictures, Images and Photos
Watching TV.

I think my days are not complete if I didn't watch TV and I'm a big Grey's Anatomy, Ghost whisperer and Ugly Betty fun. I also like prison break but I got to say, that after watching Michael Scofield dies in the series finale. I can't get over it.LOL! It was sad ugh! I have to admit it, it wasn't the great ending..

Reading Books.

Reading books! I love to lie down while reading books I have to read it at bedtime, and once my head hits the pillow, I'm out. For me it is a great pastime.. WHEN I'M ALONE!

Bloglovin icon - red heart, flashing Pictures, Images and Photosfacebook Pictures, Images and Photos

Blogging and Facebook.

Blogging is my favorite pastime! It's a great way to spend my time posting and meeting new friends. I consider this page as a blessing because I had a chance to express my thoughts and share my interest with you guys! Facebook is also a pastime for me. Even with limited computer time, it seems that I glued on the screen when I checked my Facebook page.

Now ladies it's your time to shine join us here in Girls Talk!

I wish they have a better life!

IT is a big challenge for us to speak out and spread the world about how important it is to us "WOMEN" the importance of creating a better world for our children and how can we make this world a better place . I know that in between work, raising families and other demands, we somehow find the time to at least read the news papers, watching news or surfing the net. We spend untold hours doing whatever we want, but have we ever have time to discuss some issues were facing right now? Unfortunately, some of us don't always make the time to get involved in our communities or to speak about the issues on our society. I think we should get involve right NOW by doing simple things and speak out about the issues that we care about...

No comment Pictures, Images and Photos

I watched a heart breaking video about the orphan children. I feel so depress. I feel so sad for those children who regularly spend days with no food and others with no shelter? They didn't have enough medicare or education, or any other secondary needs. I wish I could help them!!!

Mommy Moments-Sporty day!

mommy moments

I used to be a volleyball player. I started playing volleyball when I was 9 years old . I think I'm good. lol because my P.E teacher said so :D. "Bawal kumontra!!" Honestly, I don't really know if I'm good at it! I was the kid who was never included in sports until my classmates invited me to play volleyball. Since then I got a chance to excelled my skills through sports. I played volleyball until my senior years in high school.

About my kids! Oh my, I think they are not athletic. Both of them are music lovers and they play piano at least 30 minutes to an hour every day. How I wish my kids just jump right in and start playing sports like volleyball or tennis.. Right now hubby and I, started to gather some leaflets for our kids future sports. Just in case there both ready to work their lazy muscles at least were ready..

Kei and Rio, Having fun in the pool.

I'm proud of her she can swim..

Hey mom! I can swim too..

In able to work our lazy muscle. Sometimes we do some stretching two times a week (Saturday & Sunday) I remember I posted something about stretching. To view some of the details please click HERE .

Don't forget to share your precious moments and join us here in Mommy Moments..

food trip Friday-Sliced pork with Sweet sauce, Fish fillet and Tofu.

Hello everyone and welcome to Food trip Friday. Here's my food entry for this week!

Sliced pork with Sweet sauce, Fish fillet and Tofu.

What is your favorite meal that you like to prepare? Share it with us here in Food trip Friday! Have a great weekend ..

Girls Talk~my favorite chocolates!

Hello everyone and welcome to Niko's of Girls Talk. For this week our theme is all about Chocolates!
I love chocolate and it's something I can't avoid. But I'm not addicted yet lol.. Anyway, here's my favorite chocolates :)


What's your favorite chocolate bar or brand of chocolate? Join us here in Niko's of Girls Talk.

Pixel Bug Weekend- At the mall


Hello everyone and welcome to Pixel Bug! Here's our weekend photos ...

Spending their time in front of the mirror singing and dancing. After that picture taking naman :)!

Time at the mall! My kids stress reliever :)

Yesterday, we spend our whole afternoon at the mall. My kids loves spending their weekends playing and shopping. Both of them are still at the age when they do need to much entertainment and attention, that's why to relieve some of their stress. I make sure that I always put them first. I spend any extra time with them. Going to a park or mall, watching Disney channel, reading books, cooking, anything just to make them happy.

Share your fun~fun weekend here in Pixel Bug! Have a lovely day :)

Neno’s Award

To Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts and Willa of Smart Mommy thank you so much for these fab award. I really do appreciate it!

The Neno’s Award Rules and Regulations:

1. As a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

2. To seek the reasons why we all love blogging.

3. Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

4. Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

5. Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

6. Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

7. Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

~Blogging can be a real comfort for me. The reason I made this journal is to write down my kids progress, adventures and development stages. This blog is made by the love of my kids and in the sincerity of my heart. In short I want to tell the world how happy and contented mom I am.~

Now, I would like to pass this award to all my friends in my blogroll list. Please grab it guys!

Mommy Moments- Let's pretend.

mommy moments

Wow, it's Friday once again, how time flies!! How can days so quick pass! Anyway, hello everyone and welcome to Mommy Moments. For this week our theme is all about Let's pretend!

Princess Aurora and Belle

I love treating my girls like a princess. I bought them stuff to make them feel like their in a castle in a far away kingdom lol.. I love watching them pretending that their in a castle and all of a sudden a wicked witch is coming to destroy their castle. "hurry up mom is here to clean up the room"..Oh boy I'm the wicked witch...

Pretending to be a hairstylist!
Cutting her own hair!! Geez! She might want to become a hairstylist some day!!!

My kids with their friends. Pretending that their in a ship with captain hook and Tinkerbell. Of course. Ms. Rio is Tinkerbell!!

Err.. Super Rio =)
Here she is playing in a wide open cabinet pretending to become a stunt kid lol..

Join us here in Mommy Moments. Have a lovely weekend to all!!!

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