Girls talk-my favorite pastime

Hello and welcome to Girls Talk! for this weeks theme is all about our pastime.

With my family!

Most importantly and first on my list-spending time with my kiddos and hubby is my favorite pastime ever.

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Watching TV.

I think my days are not complete if I didn't watch TV and I'm a big Grey's Anatomy, Ghost whisperer and Ugly Betty fun. I also like prison break but I got to say, that after watching Michael Scofield dies in the series finale. I can't get over it.LOL! It was sad ugh! I have to admit it, it wasn't the great ending..

Reading Books.

Reading books! I love to lie down while reading books I have to read it at bedtime, and once my head hits the pillow, I'm out. For me it is a great pastime.. WHEN I'M ALONE!

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Blogging and Facebook.

Blogging is my favorite pastime! It's a great way to spend my time posting and meeting new friends. I consider this page as a blessing because I had a chance to express my thoughts and share my interest with you guys! Facebook is also a pastime for me. Even with limited computer time, it seems that I glued on the screen when I checked my Facebook page.

Now ladies it's your time to shine join us here in Girls Talk!


Seiko said...

We have such in common Jac kaya siguro magkasundo tayo.I love your family pic Jac:D

Clarissa said...

Same here--masaya na ako pag magkasama kaming mag-anak!!I love your family pic,too!!

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