girls talk-my favorite accessories.

Hi and welcome to Girls Talk! For this weeks theme is all about girls favorite accessories.

My two favorite rings from Bvlgari & Tsutsumi Tokyo.

I always have to be wearing a wristwatch!
These are my favorite wristwatch from D&G, Elle and Techno.

Join us here in Girls Talk! have a lovely weekend =)

food trip Friday- a slice of pizza.

Why my children love pizza so much?

My kids comfort food is pizza they love the wonderful toppings and fat , which always makes a pizza more tasty. Add to that how easy it is to eat, better than a slice of bread or one smeared with peanut butter and jelly. In short, it's delicious and very versatile!
I ordered a medium size but they only left me 1 ...

Join us here in Food trip Friday. Happy weekend =)

Mommy Moments- Precious gifts.

mommy moments

I love the things my kids use to hug me, kiss me and when they say " I Love You Mom" I feel all my stress and weary just gone in a blink of an eye...

My kids are so thoughtful, especially in any occasions they make sure that mama and papa will receive a gift, either a handmade cards or a clean room for the whole day. They usually gave me handmade cards and most of the time they handed in me a sorry letter when they do things like messing their room. I always remind my kids that I don't like any material things the only thing I want is the idea that they will love and support each other.

Now, I love to share these priceless gifts from Kei and Rio.

Mothers day postcard {Rio & Kei}

Rio made this card during Fathers day.

My birthday cake.

Heart shape cookie.

8th year wedding anniversary.

My kids gave us these bracelets as their wedding gifts. I love the idea of spending their time just to make mama and papa happy... Hubby and I both teary- eyed when they handed these precious gift to us.

Join us here in Mommy Moments. Have a safe weekend to everyone...

flu virus? Best way to control it.

During my 8 years in Japan, I always seem to be the one who get sick every winter . so in order for me to prepare myself for during cold and flu season. I was advised to get the flu shot in October or November. But still there's a chance that I could catch one of the other flu viruses that do circulate. They say that the vaccine protects us against the main one, but not all. So I can still catch the flu but it doesn't mean that the vaccine didn't work. What should I do???

Other than flu vaccination. What is the best way to protect our family from getting sick?

* Washing your hands can kill viruses and bacteria *

note writing Pictures, Images and Photos The single most effective method of preventing the spread of any infectious process is simple hand washing. Good old soap and water at least every hour, and if soap and water are unavailable then an alcohol based hand sanitizer will do. (soap and water really are more effective, but the sanitizer is better than nothing)
Avoid touching your face until after you have washed your hands, do not share drinking glasses or eating utensils, avoid large crowds in enclosed places, and wash after you touch any public surface, like door handles, telephones and shopping carts . Cold and flu viruses are NOT airborne in transmission, they are transmitted hand to mouth, touch any infected surface, touch your face and bingo, you get sick.

My Top Commentators.

top ten commentatores

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time to laugh!

A woman held a seance in hopes of getting in touch with her late husband, who, during his life had been a waiter in a big fancy restaurant. The candles were lit and the room was silent. The medium went into a trance, and soon the tables began to make knocking sounds " Robert", she cried, " is that you? Speak to me."
" I can"t," said a ghostly voice."It's not my table."

To avoid nasty surprises.

Don't mix your medicines to avoid nasty surprises

You took your blood pressure medicine an hour ago. Is it safe to take a motion sickness tablet now? can tell you. The Interaction Checker database has more than 5000 over the- counter drugs,supplements and prescriptions. Pick your pills from the list to get information on 11,500 possible interactions,plus any known problems with food or alcohol. Mix ginkgo biloba and aspirin, for instance, and you can increase the risk of stomach bleeding. Experts at the American Pharmacists Association say the site is safe and has good info. but warn not to discontinue any drugs until you talk to a doctor or pharmacist.


Quick post!!! I'm about to lost my temper!!

Here it goes!
She's about to go on her way home with her fellow classmates, when suddenly one of them started the intriguing conversation and unfortunately my daughter was busy then talking to her friend and she didn't hear that conversation properly. So what she did was she asked that girl again to repeat what she said earlier. In her surprised that kid laughed at her and said “Because you’re a (hafu) "half/foreigner" that's why you didn't know what I'm talking about!!! They laughed at my kid's face!! She almost felt the tears run down on her face. Kei is such a loving and nice kid, that's why she didn't deserve this kind of insult...

Some children can be very cruel and most likely have been taught their ways by the influences of their parents. Unfortunately these ways can be hurtful to others. It is not my kids fault if their mom is a foreigner and for me that is not a big deal. We're all humans!!!!

After she told me everything I'm about to loss my temper and I want to pull that kid's tail. Oh my! This is some kind of a whole damn racism!

girls talk- my favorite dress

I remember my single years as one of the best years ever. Why? Because I do my usual stuff like Shopping. I love clothes as in I spend a lot, as in a lot for clothes and shoes. Before I spend at least 200 to 300 $ a month for clothes, shoes and accessories. But then again I have a job and I don't need to pay rent, so I deserve to treat myself to something

I enjoy mix and matching my clothes!!!

NOTE: The key to mixing and matching is to pick one really bold patterned piece and then use only solid or small patterned pieces to go with it. Like if you love colorful peace sign tees, wear them with plain denim skirts or jeans. You could wear a hoodie or cardie with an all over tiny stripe or dot pattern as long as it is in one of the colors that the tee has. The colors are the element that unifies the outfit and makes it work. The only exception is that you can pair three bold solids together but no more or it will look clownish. In my younger years lol and until now, I wear clothes like this one.

How I wish I had those pictures with me!! Hello mom please send me those pictures please lol...hahahah!!

I bought this clothes, 4 years ago =)

Anyway! As time goes by shopping isn't everything for me now. I do buy my clothes once in a blue moon hahaha, since I become a parent, I usually buy clothes and shoes once or twice a month, sadly. =( I spend about $100 or a little more each time. You won't believe it! I have clothes and shoes that are 2 to 3 yrs old already but still it looks fine with me.

Share your fashion style here Niko's of Girl Talk!

food trip Friday-Mikey's plate

Join us here in Food trip Friday. Happy weekend everyone!!!

Mommy Moments- My kids temper tantrums

mommy moments

Tantrums are used by children because they can't express what they need or want so they get frustrated and throw a tantrum. In my experiences, children are not reasonable. They are not little adults that we can explain each and every decision to and they will just agree. But if we ignore it and don't give in maybe they will learn that the tantrum is not going to work anymore. I know its hard to listen to, but we definitely have change something now, before it gets worse and impossible to fix!

In this picture Rio was only 11 months old and already started throwing temper tantrums. She screamed and cried like crazy. Thank God, Ate Kei is always there to rescue me lol...

It's my turn to drive this car!!

During their Christmas presentation.

She was 6 years old when she did her temper tantrums during the Christmas presentation. She just blown tantrums in front of the audiences she started pulling her hair and curled it using her fingertip. After the presentation she cried and screamed " Mama, I don't like my pigtail ribbon =( "

Share you wonderful moments and join us here in Mommy Moments.

Have a great weekend and God bless you all =)

I love you tags :)

To my dear friend Shydub of Simple happy life. Thank you for this cutie tag! I love you too sis and thank you so much for being so nice and thoughtful to me :).

~~ Start copying here ~~

Be the kind of women that when your feet hit the floor each morning,The devil says "Oh Crap, She's Up."
Sister, life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Love the ones who don't just because you can.
Believe in everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Kiss slowly. Forgive quickly.
God never said life would be easy.
He just promise it would be worth it.
Today is sister's day.
To the cool women that have touched my life.
this is for you.....LOVE U!!!
Tag all your sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, girlfriends,
Including me if I am like one. If you get tag back seven times, you are loved.
Happy sister's day! LOVE YA SISTA!!!
Girlfriend and sisters WEEK.

~~End Copy here~~

I'd like to pass this tag to all my dear friends in my blog list. Have a lovely weekend=)

Mommy Moments- A day at the mall !

mommy moments

Welcome to another fun and exciting moments here in mommy moments. For this weeks them is all about a day at the Mall!!
One of my kids stress reliever is to walk around the mall, watching movies and spend at least 2 to 3 hours in play area. When we are at the mall I do the same thing like giving them enough time to play as long as they "don't break rules". We have some rules before entering the mall like they must stay beside me and well behave.

A day at the mall

Play Area: Play areas are good energy releases for my kids and I could catch a break to sit while watching them play for a little while...

Educational activities: Sometimes, malls had this special activities for children and I let my kids here to do crafts or to read some books...

Food court: After a long day at the mall, food court is the best place to eat. Fast food seems to be the choice of the day.

Share your fun moments here in Mommy Moments. God bless everyone :p
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