You are one in a million!

Your love is matched by no other. I thank God for his greatest blessing; making you my mom.

~One in a million~

I've been brought up by a wonderful and caring mother, a mother who would wish all the world for her children, a mother who would ensure her kids happiness and safety. That's my mom! She's my biggest fan, my confidante, my best and true friend. She saw sunshine through rain and good in the midst of bad; she was one in a million.
Now that she is gone, I realize I will never come close to being the wonderful person she was, she dedicated her life for us, she didn't ask for anything she was an amazing woman. My mom did everything possible to make my world a beautiful place to live in. One thing is for sure. I'll never be the same and will never feel whole again.
I miss you mom! The warmth of your hands, when you held mine. The giggle of your laugh, the look in your eyes, saying I'm here for you.. Every time I think about you mom makes me love you more each day! Good bye mom I love you with all my heart.
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