flu virus? Best way to control it.

During my 8 years in Japan, I always seem to be the one who get sick every winter . so in order for me to prepare myself for during cold and flu season. I was advised to get the flu shot in October or November. But still there's a chance that I could catch one of the other flu viruses that do circulate. They say that the vaccine protects us against the main one, but not all. So I can still catch the flu but it doesn't mean that the vaccine didn't work. What should I do???

Other than flu vaccination. What is the best way to protect our family from getting sick?

* Washing your hands can kill viruses and bacteria *

note writing Pictures, Images and Photos The single most effective method of preventing the spread of any infectious process is simple hand washing. Good old soap and water at least every hour, and if soap and water are unavailable then an alcohol based hand sanitizer will do. (soap and water really are more effective, but the sanitizer is better than nothing)
Avoid touching your face until after you have washed your hands, do not share drinking glasses or eating utensils, avoid large crowds in enclosed places, and wash after you touch any public surface, like door handles, telephones and shopping carts . Cold and flu viruses are NOT airborne in transmission, they are transmitted hand to mouth, touch any infected surface, touch your face and bingo, you get sick.


teJan said...

Thanks for sharing this jac.. heheh i actually just attended seminar about this flu prevention mania:) And all I learned? its here...! hehe

good day dear friend!

shydub said...

Iba pala tayo sis, kasi since I got here hindi pa nagkasakit, maliban nlng sa ubo at sipon. Pero this year nagpa flue shot ako kasi dilikado na sa swine flu

Alkapon said...

Thanks for this information, for sharing this to us..Very informative blog.

melandria said...

hello nice meeting you here, Hope we can exchange badges too, Take care.

Clarissa said...

Yep,yan daw talaga ang panlaban sa flu,washing your hands.Thanks for posting--very informative!!

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