best look for you this coming fall

I love fashion magazines! Because it is not only about fashion, but it also about woman's health, and how to empower us "women" to show how awesome we are and of course it encourage us not only to recognize our own natural beauty but to develop our consciousness when it comes to fashion and health. 

Best Fall Looks
for Mothers

Here are the most trending question about fashion. Most women is concern about the new trend apparel and how to work in our body. Some of us wants to look SLIMMER and how to hide our TUMMY or minimize the HIPS, we need our figure fix by choosing the right trends for us.

To look slimmer and hide your tummy

Here are the clothes for you

A fluted skirt to balances out the curves. Wrap tops to hide your tummy while showing off slim collar bones . Wrap dresses whittle your waist and slim the lower body. Pinstripes trousers make legs look longer. Try one of these tips for instant streamlining. Details at the neck draw the eye up and away from your stomach. Buttons down the side slim and elongate the lower body. Try a double breasted blazer makes the torso look narrower. For your hips try trousers with wide cuffs to balance out hips. A high-waist shift with an A line shapes to hide hips. How about A bias-cut skirt that skims over hips.Choose any of theses ideas that is best for you.

AVOID: Pegged pencil skirt that accentuate your curves. No to Chunky sweater that bulk you up and a belted dress that cuts you in your widest area. A high-waist skirt that adds extra bulk to your belly do not ware that, and a short sweater avoid it because it only puts your belly on displace. If your problem is your hips like me, I think too tight pants and a straight tight pencil cut skirt, is no no because it can only highlight the hips and thighs it can only notice the curvy body you want to hide.

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