bad hair day

To look well is all-primed from head to toe, and watching your diet and your stress level for your inner beauty is important. Let's face it, it is expensive to be a woman! Just how far can we go to look beautiful? I am a very busy person, I spent most of my time taking good care of my family. If I will given a chance, I told my sister that I love to go in a spa or salon again, I think five months ago pa yung last hair-cut ko hahaha. Then my sister gave me this look and she asked me if it's OK if I accompany her in a beauty salon and perfect timing "daw" for me because I need to fix my hair na. My mean sister told me this ha! "you need a hot oil or conditioning treatment because the damage in your hair is like traveling up" it hurts !!
Our appointment in salon was 2pm but we arrived at 3pm already late, na shy ako bigla we're so mean, but we say sorry naman, as I sat there looking for a nice hair-style in the magazine our hair stylist gave me an idea and asked me if I want to have a bangs, and I said yes no problem then she started to cut my hair na. Gee! I feel great and I feel like I'm five years younger hahahah winner . Happy and ready for our up coming PTA meeting ... Thanks to you sis ..^-^

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