gitensha koen

Cute ride

Bonding time with my friend Rica and her kids Shion and Kannon chan. We went to a bicycle park (gitensha koen) in Japanese to spend our afternoon. I really do love this place because this park is like a real driving school with complete sets of traffic lights and regulatory sign. Actually the best thing about this park is me being a driving teacher to my kids. I had the opportunity to teach my kids about the meaning of the traffic lights and the driving signs around the park. My gosh, I Feel like a professional driving instructor na hehehe^-^.

But before that, it took us an hour  before they lend that ride. While waiting for our turn my friend and I, had a heart to heart talk about life, career and future plans. I learn a lot from her and she proved to me how tough she is and I admire her for that.

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