shopaholic confession review

Rebecca Bloomwood lives in a flat in fashionable Fulham London, thanks to her flatmate, Suze, being wealthy. Becky works as a financial journalist for the magazine Successful Savings a job she says that no one who works there is very excited about, and they all say that they just "fell into," while in fact being unable to get better jobs. The job. Becky admits to actually knowing very little about personal finance as she is thousands of pounds in debt as is evidenced by a run through of her Visa card bill. She becomes deeper in debt by uncontrollably spending on designer homeware, clothes and beauty products. The book emphasises that her cycle of debt is not easily broken, as, even as she is thousands of pounds in debt, Becky still receives letters offering her credit and department store cards. She rationalises her overspending, for instance by referring to items as an 'investment' or necessary. Unfortunately for Becky, she considers things such as birthday presents for her friends as necessary. If you want to know more about this book, visit the official website of Shophie Kinsella's website

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