Friends Forever

Boredom yes!! Blank as in yes walang maisip, nakaka inis boring... I am her alone in the living room with my computer in front of me. I already checked my email hay eto parin ako looking for something na interesting sites, but still wala parin!So what I did was instead of trifle away my precious time ka pipindot ng keyboard nag out nalang ako so ayun. I watched the news na lang. Until all of the sudden I notice something and I started to opened it (a box of video tapes) I remember I cleaned our room nga pala then I put in all our video tapes in that box to keep and preserved the memories yun. Inside that box are videotapes from our family gatherings, my moms birthday celebration and my kids school activities. Kasama pa yung all time favorite ko baby videos of my two daughters. Love watching it regularly as in walang sawa. And inside that box I saw my eight years ago bon voyage party on my former workplace, there I am with my friends enjoying the night katatawa and singing happy happy hahaha. The most memorable part in that event was to be with someone na close to your heart like my dear friend lizs, she is one of my blessings and I treasure her friendship drama ko no. Pano ba naman one of a kind And totoong kaibigan ; I miss her so much really but we are miles apart kaya walang chance para mag kita kami. I remember before kami maging friends like the ordinary GFF relationship we had been through a lot as in. I cannot imagine why we turned out to be that close sa dami ng pinag daan namin, sa lahat ng nakaka kilala samin imposible na maging close kami. But I think we are destined to be friends. I miss you mare I miss all our memories together. I love you friend mwhaa..

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