Mommy Moments- My kids new favorite.

mommy moments

Another fun theme to share here in Mommy Moments. and for today's MM theme is all about our kids new favorite.

Here's Kei and Rio

with their new favorite camera pose.


My kids new collections from hello kitty and Rirakuma.

Rio's favorite stuff from Rirakuma

Kei's favorite mugs from Sanrio.


Heelys shoes is Kei's new favorite shoes. I think this shoes are the coolest shoes I've ever seen.

Heelys shoes.

Strawberry cheesecakes from coco's is Kei's new favorite cake.

This one is from Chateraise. Rio's all time favorite cake.

For more MM stories visit Chris of Mommy Moments have fun :D


Lulu said...

i love the sanrio mugs

♥Willa♥ said...

I love the sanrio's mugs too!so cute!!!

nuts said...

oh so girly.. pretty collections! i love the mugs.. :)

Tetcha said...

That's a funny pose! Those Sanrio mugs are lovely, too!

Anonymous said...

Cute cinamoroll mugs mommy! I had a good laugh dun sa first photo, everyone is into the friendship sign. Japanese nga ba yan? :) Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy MM!

Hazel said...

I love SanRio. Even now as an adult I steal glances at the SanRio store at a mall I frequent here. I love their camera pose :)

shydub said...

I love their new facial pose sis, hehe cutei

darly said...

ang yummy naman ng mga cakes na yan- i think most girls (maski tayo when we were little) got hooked up with hello kitty, its a classic favorite.

Happy MM Momi Jac and thanks for the visit. Enjoy your weekend, God bless :)

Ellen Joy Castel said...

Love the mugs and the strawberry cheesecakes (makes me hungry)! Your cute girls have excellent tastes!

***Please visit my MM entry too, and if you have the time, please visit my Real Leaf Contest post as well. Thanks so much!

Chris said...

what great collections! :D

pehpot said...

love the camera pose.. so cutey and fun!

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chubskulit said...

Hahahaha ang cute naman nila. I love the mugs!

Seiko said...

Same with my youngest din, it's her newest fave din for i thought fave nya ang hello kitty but that changed too. This Meme made me learn my kiddos new favorite.

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