food trip Friday-Pizza

Potato mayo kids pizza (potato with mayonnaise pizza)

I would like to introduce the concept of Japanese style pizza from Chicago the (potato with mayonnaise pizza) . This is not exactly like the pizza back home but this pizza taste so good...

Please visit Food trip Friday to join..Have a great weekend everyone,God bless!!


luna miranda said...

hmmmn, this is interesting pizza. we don't have it here, yet. this looks good but not good for dieters for sure.:p

♥Willa♥ said...

First time I heard about potato-mayo flavored pizza. Unique!! :D

MarlyMS said...

Your kids are very adorable :)
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Sunshine4Life said...

Hmm unique flavor! I would love this, too!

Thanks for sharing. :)


Rossel said...

hmmm...i love pizza. palagi akong nagke-crave nyan.

btw, i have a tag for you at Topics on Earth. have a great weekend!

acmumcee said...

I wanna try that pizza for a change. I bet that tastes good..

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shydub said...

This pizza looks delish sis. look at that toppings and cheese mm yum!

Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

Yum! I've never tried this kind of pizza before, I bet Logan would like it.

Thank you for the nice words about my husband's father.

Hope you and your girls have a great weekend!

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