Eminent Eights.

Thank you so much to Rossel of Topics on Earth, Enchie of Sweet Nothings and Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts for giving me this Lucky Chinese Tag.

♥ 8 TV Shows We Like to Watch ♥
Hanna Montana
♡ Disney Channel Shows
♡ Grey's Anatomy
♡ 24
♡ Ugly Betty
♡ Ghost Whisperer
♡ The Filipino Channel
Precious Pretty (Japanese Anime)

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink
♡ Coco's Family Restaurant
♡ Starbucks
♡ Kappa Sushi Restaurant
♡ Bikkuri Donkey
♡ Jojoen Yakiniku Restaurant
♡ Miyako Ichi Ramen House
♡ Mcdonald's
Moose Burger

8 Things I Look Forward To
Family Reunion.
♡ To improve my English and Japanese grammar and spelling skills. I love to go to school again for a "short" college course.
♡ New Family adventures.
♡ Sports for my kids this coming summer and I want to help them choose whichever sports they desire.
I hope that we will spend our Summer Vacation in the Philippines.
♡ More bonding time with my kids.
♡ Secret
♡ Secret... I mention a lot already and I guess the two remaining spots are private. I choose not to mention it anymore,sorry :)

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
I woke up early to prepared my kids for school
I cooked breakfast "Pancakes and hot chocolate"
I went straight to bathroom for my morning routine.
I cooked lunch for Hubby.
I do my usual house routine. Laundry,vacuuming and dusting
I surf the net for 3 hours
I fetch Rio from school
I cooked dinner for my family.

8 Things I Love about Winter
The magical feeling of seeing the snow.
Christmas and New year.
The white mountains for skiing open.
I love drinking coffee or hot cocoa on a cold morning.
The smells of fresh and clean air.
Blanket rolled out while watching a DVD
♡ Stylish mufflers and winter clothes
Food,food~food like Ozoni with mochi every morning..

8 Things I Am Passionate about
♡ My kids Health and I make sure that I can feed them nutritious food everyday.
♡ My Kids future.
♡ Seeing my kids clean~happy and healthy.
♡ Bonding time with my family.
♡ Watching movies together.
♡ Blogging.
♡ Driving.
Enjoying each day of my life with my family and friend.

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use
♡ Ohayo ( Good Morning)
♡ O shokoji wo nani ni shimasuka? ( What do you want to eat)
♡ I love you Kei, Rio.
♡ Dame ( No)
♡ Ofuro jikan yo ( Bath time)
♡ Katasuke ( Clean up your room)
♡ Bedtime KeiRio. shukudai wa daijobu ka? ( It's time to go to bed. Are you done with your assignments?)
Big hug!!!

8 Things I Learn from the Past
♡ Never take anything for granted.
♡ Some friends are meant to stay and some are not.
♡ Family checkup every 3 months.
♡ Save more money and spend less.
♡ Eat healthy food.
♡ Drink Juice, Milk or Water everyday morning and before going to bed.
♡ Exercise for 5 to 10 minutes a day.
sleep early.

8 Blog Friends We Want to Tag
Rose's Obstacles and Glories
Andrea of Memories As A Mom
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Lara Angelikka
Czacza of My art matters
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My Life and My Journey Online

Enjoy :)


imelda said...

jac il grab this tag when i have time. its late night here and u know tomorow is office day. il do thos tomorrow thanks for tagging me sis

shydub said...

Lots of activities to look forward ahh, me to i wish i could go back to school para ma refresh naman ang kinakalawang na english ko. lol.

Enchie said...

Hi Jac! thanks for doing this tag! I really hope na matuloy vacay nyo dito...

Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

Hi Jac! Thank you for this tag, this is the perfect post to do as I get back into blogging!!! Also, I appreciated the comment on my mom's journal post last week :-)

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