Pixel Bug Weekend- I wish I could take the bugs away and suffer it myself.!

Welcome to Pixel Bug for my PBW this week is all about our freaky and stressful week in the hospital.

Quick post! My two girls are generally a healthy kids but last week both of them tested positive for influenza A and had a 39.2-40.3 °C ( 102.6-104.6 °F) fever with horrible cough during the night to the point that it takes them a second to catch a breath or inhale when they are done coughing. It is so hard for me to see my kids like that. It is just a horrible feeling not be able to help my kids to feel better. If I can only just put my hand on them to take away their pain and sickness gosh, I can do that every minute and every day. For me there is nothing worse than having a sick kids! It makes you feel so helpless. Grabe!!!

My kids in the hospital room.

The days are really long and boring inside the hospital. As their mom I gave them something that they can focus on and laugh at to distract themselves from the situation they're in. It means we did something fun and special things while they are in the hospital room. We made some cute paper cut outs , drawing, coloring and playing their favorite games in PSP and gameboy.

Now!!! The long and freaky week is over my kids are home sweet home again and finally the bugs are gone hurray were healthier than ever!!! Thank God for the early Christmas present...

I love you Kei and Rio =)

Join us here in Pixel Bug!!! Have a lovely day :)


Yami said...

Thank God your girls are well now. :)

I know the feeling Mommy Jac, it happened to my two kids when both got sick with dengue a few years back. Ang hirap when you're attending to both kids tapos parehong naglalambing. Pero basta matibay ang belief natin everything will turn out fine.

I wish your family well, Mommy Jac. Take care. :)

nuts said...

it's really stressful when our kids are sick. i hope they're perfectly ok now. I remember last year when my younger daughter got sick. kaka-stress talaga.

teJan said...

Oh thank God! You are not alone with that feelings jac.. maybe all mommy do! And I salute you on how you take care of your girls!! You are indeed a super mom;)

Gogbless, goodhealth for the whole family!!!

chubskulit said...

hope they are feeling good now sis.. I have been sick for few days now and I hate it, I am coughing during night time and its killing me.. Now hubby is sick tooo.

We spent our weekend with Santa

♥Willa♥ said...

It's great xmas presents indeed. Welcome home!

Dee said...

Praise the Lord they are all right now! God bless!

Genejosh said...

thanks God they're fine now..sila pang dalawa..oh I felt what you feel when my baby also got sick..I cried in front of our principal asking permission to be absent coz I got to send my baby to the hospital...You take care too Mommy Jac:)

Mine's here: http://genefaith.blogspot.com/2009/12/pixel-bug-weekend-lantern-festival-at.html

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Mama Ko said...

Kaya pala I can't see any updates in your blog sis, kasi you are at the hospital. Ohh sorry to ehar about what happened to Rio and Kie. I am glad they fine and healthy now. The weather and that enfluenza are such a pain in the society. Tama ka sia if only we could take those pain and sickness away from our kids, we could do that in just a second just to make them feel better.

Take you all and Godbless

My-Alter-Ego said...

buti naman po magaling na sila.. :-)

mahirap may sakit, lalo ang mga kids, kasi kawawa naman.. kunbg tyu nga matatanda eh nahihirapan, sila pa kya..

pls visit my PBW post too.. see u!

Jona said...

naku hirap tlaga pag may sakit mga kids. physical and emotional stress tlaga...may sakit din bunso ko ngaun tonsilitis. i'm glad your girls are fine now :)

PBW: All Women

Enchie said...

Hi Jac glad to see your girls up and about. My son got sick too that's why I wasn't able to blog hop or leave you guys messages man lang. You're a strong woman, I mean, you have 2 kids and you handled it very well.

Clarissa said...

OMG!!Na-influenza pala ang mga dalagitas mo!!Taihen desune!!Glad to hear that they're fine now.Ikaw din,ingatan mo rin ang sarili mo ha!!

kikamz said...

thank God your little girls are fine now. sam had fever too but glad it wasn't the swineflu.

the storm is past na mommy jac. you can breath easier now and enjoy the holidays! God bless!

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