Meet in Heaven Award!

There are no random acts...We are all connected...You can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind...
---(The Five People You Meet In Heaven)

I really like the idea of this award and my dear friend Andrea of Memories As A Mom created it. Andrea was inspired by the book/movie of Mitch Albom the Five People you Meet Me In Heaven. I also love the book and I already watched the film in youtube.

"five you meet in heaven" idea for bloggers who I may not ever meet on earth, but maybe
in another place I will !

 Thank you so much Andrea, for the lovely words and for thinking of me I really do appreciate it!!

Now I'd like to pass this award to the five people... And they are!!!

Willa from Smart Mommy : Smart Blogger from Canada blessed with two adorable boys. I know that I can't meet her in person but I can feel that she is a great woman and a wonderful mom... She is one of my dearest friend. By the way Willa is the reason behind my beautiful blog makeover !!!

Enchie from Sweet Nothings : A simple and sweet mom. I adore and love her for being a good friend she love's to cook and I think she can be a good chef some day.

Shy from Simple Happy Life : Funny and cool mom to Jake and baby Justine, Reading her post means bringing back the smile on my face. I love her :) she have a great sense of humor, intelligent and a good friend..

Clarissa from Kizuna : Blogger from Japan. I'm hoping to meet her in person someday. I think we have this similarities that we both need to discover ehehe. She is also a mom of two lovely girls a loving and contented mom. She is so sweet and caring friend =)

Ross from Obstacles and Glories : She is happily married and blessed with two precious angles. She is one of the best blogger I've ever known. She can manage five blogs! Gee Thumps up!

The rules are easy for passing on this award:

1) Attach the award to your blog post.

2) Copy and paste the famous quote from The Five People You Meet In Heaven somewhere in the post

3) Please identify me as the creator of the award (Andrea from Memories As A Mom), and link to the person who sent it to you.

4) Send this to five of your blogger friends to show your appreciation!


♥Willa♥ said...

Thanks so much for the sweet and thoughtful recognition but you know how much I hate an award like this, not bec I don't appreciate it,of course I do, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all awards that was given to me, but the part I hate is I only have to choose 5 because I have more than fifty bloggers I really do want to meet one way or the other.
That's gonna be a very very hard situation for me to do.I hope I can come up with something and let you know as soon as i posted it.

Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

So glad you enjoyed the award! Hope you have a great day!

Enchie said...

Thank you Jac...

shydub said...

Wow sis, Im touch and flattered. You too are one sweet friend that anyone including me would love to have and would love to meet one day, hope not in heaven yet, earth muna hehehe.

Thanks fot passing this award to me sis, and the sweet and touching words. Babalutin ko si Jakeand Justine padala ko diyan, or si Jake nalng kaya para makamura sa fed ex hehehe just kidding. Ill grab this soon sis. sakit na leeg ko kakablog.

Seiko said...

Kudos Jac!
You deserved these:D
Thanks for sharing this award to me Jac.I'll post it for sure 'though hindi ko pa naipost yung ibang bigay mo.So much busy out here Jac,hindi naman kaila sa yo that December is the busiest season dito sa atin specially sa kaisah ni papa na printing press maraming nengajyo na umoorder.
I'll be back here again to read your other posts.How's your Dad doin'?
And hey!!I may not have much time on visiting you here but that doesn't mean nakalimutan na rin kita.Pwede ba yun?!Ikaw pa!Love you cute!Hugs!
Jya!Oyasumi!Take care Jac!Tomorrow nga pala ang vaccine ko (bite nails!)Takot ako sa injection kasi eh.hehe

Clarissa said...

Aww..You're so sweet,Mommy Jac!Thank you so much for passing this award to me.Really appreciated your friendship!!I guess we both need to discover"those" lol!^_^

Hoiisst!!Ingat kayo dyan sa influenza dear!!Di ba nagyasumi ang school ni Kei at ni Rio?TC!!

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