Fun Thursday

We had a blissful day today especially my seven year old daughter Kei,  when I bought her this pretty pink Heelys Roller Shoes. She really wanted to have this shoes and I guess she's in a right age to use it. I also bought some Rilakkuma stuff for Rio to add it in her collections. After that we went to a fast food restaurant for snack and we feasted Zaru soba udon { Japanese noodles}, tempura and Japanese fried rice.

Have a wonderful day.... XOXO =)

Together We Save


Together We Save said...

These shoes look fun.

Seiko said...

Wow!!Gagamit na ng heelys si Kei chan Jac,ang bilis talaga ng panahon no,parang kelan lang naka stoller pa sya.Love the rilakkuma Jac,Misakis collections too hehe.Love you!Hugs!

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