Sad farewells of 2008

Last year has been the best and the worst year for me. My uncle and grandma passed away last year and I recently ended a two year relationship with a closed friend. Sometimes it’s so easy to look back at the “should a, could a, would as” but it’s really counterproductive. All I know is this. Given that we have no control over another, we just have to state our perspective, and let that other person do the same. Sometimes there are no pleasant good-byes, but at least there are new beginnings. I hate to say it but usually when a relationship end feelings are hurt and emotions take a beating. It cause most of us to say and do things we aren't proud of later. It shouldn't be this way but most of the time things happen, words are said and the next thing you know it’s to late to take it back and the damage is done. The lesson here was some people come in our lives and are meant to stay. Others are here and gone with not enough time to know what we learned from them, But each friend is a learning experience and we should feel bless about it.
♥ Welcoming the year 2009. Thank God for the blessing like, now proud to say I am permanent resident here in Japan hurray !!!! 4 months of waiting is all wort it. And I found a new career a new friends and a wonderful learning experience through the help of my family and friends. Happy =)) and contented !!!!Looking forward this year.

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