My first embarrassing memorable driving experience was here in Japan six years ago. During that time, I really hated myself for the embarrassment I had and for bringing a terrible fear to my child. I was a bad mom... Here's my story goes!!
A close friend of mine invited me to come over to attend the weekly bible study, I was pregnant then and I really wanted to go. I was too excited and I didn't realized that I'm approaching the wrong side of the road.( sana pala hindi na lang ako nag short cut, nag marunong kasi ako) Anyway! I made a left turn somewhere here in our city, I didn't realize that it is a one way road, suddenly out of nowhere came the gasp of air breaks. I slammed on the breaks and came bumper to bumper traffic. I was lucky then that I didn't hit those teenager students riding on their bikes... I look up on exasperated, reddening face of the driver in front of me who shot me a withering look. That moment I felt like the earth will eat me na.
I was so worry then and ask myself what might my future will bring after this? Are they going to sue me for the left turn I had? Or are they going to punch me in my eye lol? I was so confused, scared and distracted. The only thing I remember was, I opened my car window and telling each one of them that how sorry I am. I was lucky then that an old lady was their and she gave her permission to use that space to park my car. She was so kind to me talaga. She told me that I can use that space for a U turn. I got home safe but I felt so bad that I didn't kept my promise to a friend. I promised my husband that I will not and never-ever get into the same trouble again. NEVER!!

What happened if you bumped someone's car accidentally? What comes first in your mind?

But Months later!! I had my second and last worst driving accident ever. I thought that I will not doing the same trouble again in a million years. But I was wrong! I did it again.( Oh life)..

I was seven months pregnant that time ( bad year ata for me lol!) . When I bumped a small white car in that parking lot. I accidentally hit her car while searching for a vacant lot to park my car. How does it happen ba? Well,
I woke up that morning feeling so bored. So I decided to take my daughter for a date, not just a date but a fun date for both of us . From our place, it only takes 15 to 20 minutes by foot to reach that zoo park. But instead of walking, I preferred to use my car because its more convenient and hindi ka pa pagod ka lalakad lol. I was excited as in super excited... I brought our picnic blankets and some of my daughter's stuff too because for sure we will spend the whole afternoon at the zoo. I prepared tuna sandwich, fruits and juice. But I didn't expected that something worst will happened pala. I just bumped on someone's car lang naman, Omg I am so scared but I was lucky then that she and her kid are safe. As I'm trying so hard to get back on my foot and calm myself. I suddenly notice she took her phone right after I bumped her car. Of course I was so scared and praying for a miracle to happen. As I saw her walking- approaching me. I felt so scared talaga. I thought she will pull my throat out grabe!!!. But I was wrong, I was surprised that she's nice to me, she started to ask me how I feel and hows my tummy etc...I cried and feeling sorry for the mess I've done.. After 5 minutes her father was there na. He is also polite and nice to me after all the trouble I've done.
Then I started to called my husband to confess the trouble I had then a few minutes later, I passed my phone to her father to talked and settle the damage I've done! Lucky then that they had a nice conversation and from there back to normal na !! Buti na lang at may car insurance!!!

After all the experience I had all I can say is I can call myself a pro already. I had my license with me. I never involve in any accident na thank God! Next year I'm hoping that my license will turn into gold.. Naku I hope talaga!!


Bambie dear ★ said...

omg you're still lucky pa rin.. mabait yung driver ng second accident mo.. my mom's experience was different, girl din kasi nakabangga nya pero ay naku. Good thing talaga yung mga insurance company dito ay responsible, unlike most companies sa atin, mga kuripot..

Paula said...

Grabe ako rin takot mag drive. Pero siguro experiencing lang talaga kelangan, no? Lahat ng kinwento mo dito yun kinatatakutan ko kaya minsan commute na lang ako. hehe

Enchie said...

We all have our driving moments. and you're very lucky and blessed lahat ng naka-encounter mo were very understanding.

momwriterme said...

I am glad that neither accident was serious, especially since you were pregnant and also the one with your daughter! My only two fender benders happened both during the same year, too! I was 16 and had just gotten my license so I blame that, haha, but they were still embarrassing - both happened by me backing out of my driveway: once into our basketball pole and the other into my stepdad's company car. Just like you, though, I learned from them and so hopefully those will be all!

shydub said...

You look cool driving sis.

Tetcha said...

The good thing about committing mistakes is that you've learned from them. By the way, I have a fun tag for you.

Clarissa said...

Lahat ng mga car drivers have different experiences,buti na lang at at ok ka at understanding naman ang nakabangga mo.Big help talaga ang merong car insurances!

Dropping by before leaving for a vacation sa Pinas,Mommy Jac.
Get well soon dearie!!^_^Hugs!

judys424 said...

To err is human sis.. and lady drivers are more often than not, easier forgiven, even if sexist ang dating. Practice ka lang. :) I enjoyed your post a lot :)

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