Pixel Bug Weekend- My favorite book series.


For my pixel bug entry for this week is all about my favorite books series. I am a huge fun of book series. Personally, I read all the time and I am really open to anything, so I am always looking for something new to read. After I read the two book series now I'm looking for another interesting books to read. Mitch Albon the author of Tuesday with Morrie is one of my favorite .

~Shopaholic Series~

I finished reading Sophie Kinsella's shopaholic book series few months ago, I can tell you guys that this book is so amazing. I love the story its fun light reads and this books is my stress reliever.

Shopaholic series

Confessions of A Shopaholic
Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
Shopaholic Ties the Knot
Shopaholic and Sister
Shopaholic and Baby


Twilight is another favorite book series of mine.

~Twilight Saga~

I wouldn't try to become the biggest fan of twilight lol but I really love the book so much and so do millions of people reading it, it's incredibly awesome you should read this books!! I already watched the movie but there is so much content in the book that the movie is missing, the film is amazing but obviously they didn't include all the little details from the book but it doesn't mean I don't like the movie at all.

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Shopaholic & Baby


Chris said...

you are a book worm pala! :D

Willa said...

We have one thing in common, I love to read as well, I'm waiting to get my copy of Dan Brown's latest The Lost Symbol.
I read both books from Mitch Albom and I truly enjoyed it!

Enchie said...

I got attracted to the Shopaholic collection too :D But I haven't bought mine. I'm still thinking...

Seiko said...

I love reading books too specially form the book of Sydney Sheldon & Daniele Steel.More on true stories kasi.

Jac said...

@ Seiko. I like reading true story books because of the lesson they share and very inspiring I just love it! Mitch Albon the author of Tuesday with Morrie is one of my favorite author.

Clarissa said...

Hinde halatang bookworm ka dear ^_^ Hayzz.. wala akong masyadong nakikitang english books dito sa amin(T_T)

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