You're the 1,Goldilocks

Are you craving for delicious Filipino foods like desserts? Actually I am one of the people who loves having something sweet to eat. Now I'm living oceans apart but all the memories I had in the Philippines is worth to cherish because Goldilocks has a big part of my childhood days. During my birthdays or other occasions, Goldilocks cakes and pastries makes the moments special.That's why Goldilocks is No.1 in my heart.

Sharing my Goldilocks moments:
Bringing back the memories, Goldilocks ensaimada used to be my favorite pastry to bring in school, I really love the taste of butter and cheese on the top of it, very delicious. yummy !!I can tell you guys that the Goldilocks ensaimada is guarantee the best ensaimada in the Philippines.
Oh well I wish there's a Goldilocks here in Yamanashi ken, so that I can eat all my favorite Filipino dishes like cakes, pastries and of course my all time favorites like palabok, kare-kare, pork BBQ, lechon paksiw and a lot more.
Well I am so envy with my friends in the Philippines because you have all your time to go and visit Goldilocks.

Genejosh of Her and History


Genejosh said...

i agree with u sis...Love Goldilocks yan dito sa Hatyai...

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Beth said...

wow, join din ako dito later e. isip ko pa kung ano topic ko. anyway, I always love Goldilocks, esp its Lumpiang Ubod ba un? Hehehe, di ko alam difference between lumpiang ubod and lumpiang sariwa e, bsta lumpia, un na un! :) sarap di ba?

Jelexie said...

I miss Goldilocks pulburon and chocolate mousse cake.

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