food trip Friday-Spaghetti

Kids Spaghetti

Almost every week I cooked one of Kei and Rio's favorite snack spaghetti. This food is also my kids comfort food.

Join us here in Food Trip Friday.

Clarissa of Kizuna


Clarissa said...

What a yummy meat pasta!!I also prepared pasta on Wakaba's birthday but your looks yummy!\(^0^)/

I'm glad that your'e ok now--wag kang masyadong magpapagod dyan^_^

Have a great weekend to you and your family,Mommy Jac!!

bearer of three said...

We do the same...we have Pasta Thursdays but we switched it to Pasta wednesdays because My Oldest now has cheerleading on Thursdays lol..Every week i make a different type a noodle with a different kind of sauce with some salad and garlic bread on the side...its the best...have a great weekend

Willa said...

i almost posted spaghetti today, kaso naubos na namin hindi ko pa nalitratuhan. :D
sarap ng spag mo,parang jollibee :D

☆Willa☆ said...

btw, i got here thru EC dropping and I noticed that your link is not posted in FoodTrip yet, don't forget so others can visit you too. :)
Have a great weekend,Jac!

shydub said...

If I live in your house sis, your spag would one of my comfort food too hmmmm yummy, lalo na maraming meat. num num

Enchie said...

love spaghetti. i don't mind preparing it,for snack ma-answer lang craving ko :D i like how you cooked it all meaty.

Jay - agent112778 said...

spaghetti in our home is not a fave snack but a comfort food

mukhang makakasundo ko ang mga anak mo pag da-ting sa spagetti

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