It is my first time to join here in and here's the them for this week "WALKING".

Here is my little princess, after we leave the house for school.

I walk with her every morning to school and I am so happy that I have the opportunity of doing it, it's fun! We live about 5 minutes walk from school and I think walking would count it as a workout for me too, hihihi...

Join us here in..

Happy weekend =)

Willa of Smart Mommy


☆Willa☆ said...

ako din, I decided to walk sometimes pag sundo kasi ganda ng weather and parang exercise na din, unlike winter time na no choice talaga kundi i drive, sayang din kasi yung chance na ang lapit lang ng school sa amin.

shydub said...

So malapit lng pala school nga mga nak mo sa bahay? ilang minuto ba ang lakad? ang cute nman ng uniform nila. One thing I like being a student there in japan kasi yong uniform nila ang kocute hanggang legs lang before knee. I saw some of those students before, at malinis rin ang japan.

Haiku Poems said...

Cute Pics!
Write poetry

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