say it forward week 14

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5 minutes from mom's, Say it forward is a new weekly carnival where bloggers feature their loyal commenter, and I would like to thank my friend Chris of Mommy Journey for introducing this site to me. Like what 5 minutes for mom said .There are not many things more beautiful and appreciated to a blogger than a good comment.

And for my first feature, I would like to thank Shydub of Simple Happy life , Willa of Smart Mommy and Seiko of Seiko's Diary. Guys you are awesome! Thank you for your friendship and for sharing your wonderful ideas to me and of course thank you for being one of my loyal commenter! Be part of 5 minutes for mom click Here to join.

This is the badge and feel free to grab and post the button on your site=) Happy blogging!!

Mom It Forward Award

Seiko of Seiko's Diary


Seiko said...

Hello Jac!Thank you so much for this!And this kind of recognition make us bloggers more enthusiastic to keep on blogging!That means a lot to me!
Promise to grab these as soon as I can!Love you!Hugs & kisses!

Seiko said...

It's me again!To let you know that I'm done here.Thank you so much Jac!Love you!

shydub said...

Thanks for the recognition mommyjac and the special mention, I love the friendship too jac. Have a nice day!Enjoy blogging.

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