mom's special diary: mega-awards ^o^

I am absolutely trilled to receive this fabulous award I Love Your Blog from Rosie's Etcetera-etcetera.Thank you so much Rosie for giving me this inspiring awards. Now I will pass this love award to Chris of Mommy Journey , Eastcoastlife,Jess of My Little Angels.Willa of fickleminded and shydub-simple happy life.


I also got this two awards from Rose's Etcetera-etcetera. and I would like to pass this to all my friends in my blogroll list. I hope you will grab this beautiful awards guys. Have fun!!!

Jes of My Little Angels


Jes said...

wow thanks! =) love it! heheheheh post it soon =)

shydub said...

Thanks for the awards mommyjac Ithink we posted the same awards yesterday from rose of etcetera etcetera. Sumasakit nga yong puwit ko kakasulat sa mga awards na yon whahahaha. Congrats sa awards mo sis ang bongga! I'll just include your name in the links who passed me the awards.Congrats sa mga awards! have a nice day!

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