piano recital of Kei and Rio 3/26/09

My friend Rica san with her kids {Shion & Kannon chang}

Yesterday, we headed out to the Aioi piano recital and it was great. I am so proud of my two girls after a month of memorizing their piece and all the hard work is all worth it. The recital was made up of all the student of teacher Suzuki who done an awesome job teaching our kids.

This video I took was from my digital camera,I also took some of Kei and Rio's video in my video cam but sad to say I don't know how to upload it here.



☆Willa☆ said...

your girls are not only pretty but very talendted as well!

Seiko said...

This is so nice!!Stunning & great!!
My kids also learned a piano over a span of 10 years,hope your kids can continue playing the piano too.Keep it up Jac!Love you!!

Chris said...

wow! this is great.. by the way, its my first time here! :)

corinne said...

They are sooooo pretty, and I LOVE the dresses and they play well. :-)

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