versatile calamansi

About this fruit. Calamondin or calamansi is a fruit tree in the family rutaceae and very popular in Southeast Asia , especially in the Philippines.The fruit of the calamondin resembles a small, round lime, usually 25-35mm in diameter, but sometimes up to 45mm. It has the inviting odor of a tangerine with a very thin green or orange colored peel. In spite of its appearance and aroma, the taste of the fruit itself is quite sour, though the peel is sweet. Popping the whole fruit into the mouth to combine the sweet and sour tastes is quite pleasant, though a surprise the first time.Wikipedia
Bringing back the memories. Calamansi juice used to be my favorite drink to bring in school. My mother also use this fruit for herbal medicine and it works in our family, I remember when I was a child suffering from a bad cold, this juice was all I needed. And now whenever my kids suffer from coughing and sore throat during our stayed in the Philippines, I also used calamansi as a remedy and I would like to share it with you.
I used to cut in half a couple of calamansi to rub on their throat then wrap a clean handkerchief around their neck and also drinking a warm calamansi juice helps loosen congestion and good for oral remedy. I used to squeeze two to three piece of calamansi and add one teaspoon of honey. Here in Japan we use lemon as an option. The versatile calamansi is even use for personal hygiene such as deodorant and a whitening agent. Some expert says that after several application of calamansi to elbows and armpit will helps the skin exfoliate. Other soap manufacturers are incorporating calamansi in their products. But still, most Filipinos are following the old fashion way. During bath time, rub calamansi in dark areas of the skin and leave for at least 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off. Others use it as detergents, removing the grease from the hands, and as a cleansing scrub to dirty or stained clothes. What a fruit!!!

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