Bad breath Go Away!!


Here are the common questions; Are breath strips any better at eliminating bad breath than mints, gum or mouthwash?

None of these things will cure chronic halitosis, but they'll all mask coffee breath, for example, says the dentist. The strips work a bit better than mints and gum because they contain oils that break down bad breath. They're also sugar-free. (Mouthwash is good,too, but less portable.) Stop at using five or six strips a day because the strips can kill good bacteria, which promotes infection.

How to keep bad breath way?
Bad breath will cause big problems when you want to be really close to someone. Mints and gum will cover up bad breath for a short time but they do not cure bad breath because they do not get rid of the cause of bad breath. Remember that Dental Hygiene is very important. Cavities can actually create a bad smell. So here are some tips to say bye~bye to bad breath.

* Eat healthy food and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday.
* Brush you teeth and make sure to brush or scrape your tongue regularly. Brush the space between the tooth and the gum precisely (pockets may be as deep as 9-10mm). Brushing can clean 4-5 mm. When your dentist tells you the pockets are deeper follow a strict cleaning instruction from the dental hygienist.
* Flossing will do wonders. Try flossing between the teeth and do it everyday, it will get rid of all the junk that gets stuck in your teeth.
* Visit your dentist every 3 to 6 months.


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