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mommy moments

I miss MM and I feel sad that I wasn't able to join the Mommy Moments last week. Anyway the long and busy week is over and I'm back.. The MM theme for today is New year's List!
Usually people are getting excited about what will 2010 will bring and what we hope to accomplish in this year.Sometimes you can accomplish what you set out to and sometimes life just gets in the way. Honestly! I have a high hopes for this year and I want to start the process of getting back to something close to "normal"..

♥Keina will be in 3rd grade and she did very well in her academics for 2 consecutive years. I hope she will continue to makes us proud!!! This year Rio will be in 1st grade.
♥ Both my kids are doing well in their piano lessons. Rio will be in her 5th month in playroom for the advance learning in mathematics and writing. This year were planning to enroll them in sports either volleyball or tennis.
♥ Health is wealth. I'm looking forward to have a healthier lifestyle for my family this year. Starting with lessen the fast food chain meals.
♥ Spend more bonding time with my kids.
♥ I'm hoping that my kids would learn to speak in English properly.
♥ House renovation in the Philippines.
♥ Save more spend less.. I'm starting to save a sum of penny from our monthly family budget. I'm starting to plan things more wisely. Now I write down all our budget for the month.
♥Were planning to move in a new place this year and I hope hubby can afford to buy me a car (my dream car) this year..
♥Summer vacation in the Philippines!
♥Last year one of my goal is to learn how to sew but sad to say I didn't even had a chance to create one . Now I'm hoping again to bring my art/crafty side to the next level hahah.. I work with my little sewing kit and few weeks ago I didn't realize how fulfilling its like to create your own pattern... So I want to figure it out and do it myself. Kaya ko kaya!!!
♥ I just hope that my family is always happy, healthy and contended and I want them to feel that I'm trying my very best to make them happy.
♥And finally, I hope to enjoy life to the fullest and try to remember that never take anything for granted.

I hope you can join us here in Mommy Moments. Happy weekend!!


Enchie said...

Hi Jac! kung matuloy kayo for summer, let me know ha...hopefully we could meet :)

Gin E said...

Great list! Good luck and Happy New Year!

judys424 said...

All the makings of a good 2010 Mommy Jac! Happy Weekend!

Mars said...

Goodluck with sewing! I hope finally get it done this year.

shydub said...

Great great list sis, and you are right mga anak mo are very good in piano patuturuan ko si jake sa kanila ha.

Chris said...

looking forward to meeting you when you arrive here in the Philippines! :D

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