A Shower of Awards.

You showered me with awesome awards!!!

It comes with the usual rules:
1. Pass it on to at least one other blog but the more the better.
2. Never ever tell anybody who gave it to you. (Link backs not allowed)
3. Make a nice acceptance speech.

Examples of acceptable acceptance speeches:

"As deserving as I am of this award I can not believe that they finally woke up and gave it to me. I have always striven to uphold the high ideals this award represents. You did well in selecting me."

Using Quilly’s Words:
Given the paucity of mellifluous isangelous blogs, how could you obstrigillate the awarding of this opprobrious award to this blog. I accept with great pleasure.

As a Raven’s Mini Challenge:
This blog, having roughly no bowling monsters in the closet from Pennsylvania on its menu for the day, is proud to accept this award.


To Hazel of Delineating Des and Chris of The Mommy Journey. Thank you so much for showering me with these fabulous awards!!!

"You can see this box of chocolates is filled with different and unique candies and just like the chocolates we are all different and unique people. We are the same in that we all have common ingredients that make us more alike than not. Except for the frosting, which represents our personalities, we are indeed very similar on the inside.”

And of course there are rules:

1. That you must pass this award to others.
2. Link back to me when you have passed them forward.
3. Write a nice post about this award.
4. You must read this award with a southern accent. I call it southern day where we all have to speak with a southern accent. I know that will be hard for some of you, but for the rest of us, we will be fine. So now, ya’ll just enjoy this little ol’ award and have fun with it.
5. And of course let your folks know that they have a nice award waiting for them.

For those receiving this award it is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to six bloggers who must choose six more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

I also like to share this awards to:
Aihara of Her Saccharine , Clarissa of Kizuna , Willa of Smart Mommy, Shydub of Simple happy life , Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts, Enchie of Sweet Nothings, Chubskulit of Rose's Obstacles and Glories, Seiko of Seiko's Diary, Yami of YAM'S FILES, Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Moods, Lulu of Bitz 'n Pieces of my life, All about Elizabeth and Mom writes for a cause.

Special Note!!!
And as a token of appreciation I would like to give the awards back to Hazel and Chris. Thank you so much for being so nice and thoughtful to me. For these past few weeks so many great things have been happening to me. Like those gorgeous awards with such a sweet sentiments, ohh, I feel so honor and blessed. Thank you Hazel and Chris for being such a wonderful friend to me. I am so grateful to meet you guys...God Bless you =)


Chris said...

thanks for grabbing the awards! :D

shydub said...

Wow congrats, daming awards natin dito. Well, of course people love giving you awards sis coz you are such a sweet nice friend to everybody. Thanks for sharing this to us.

Enchie said...

wow ang dami! thank you jac...

Tetcha said...

You deserve these awards, mommy. And thank you for passing them on to me. You'll see them in my blog in a few days.

Seiko said...

Thank you always Jac for including me in your list.Kudos ti these awards Jac!Mwah!

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