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Hi everyone another precious moments to share here in mommy moments and for this weeks theme is all about Treasured Pictures.

This is one of my favorite. They enjoyed making some crafts together.
This photo is part of our summer vacay moments.

I love the way they look at me when I said SMILE.

Teaching her little sister to play piano.

Kei's MINI-K commercial audition.

She's into the top 10 Mini-K's magazine models, but sad to say my dear Kei didn't make it to the magazine pictorial because in that same date we rushed her to the hospital due to high fever(104) and sores in his throat- the Doctor said it was most likely viral infection. She was in the hospital for five days. I feel so sad when my daughter asked me if she did a great job while were there. I told her that she's great and I'm so proud of her.

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Rossel said...

making crafts are good family bonding. my treasured photos are up too.

happy mommy moments, jac!

ryliej said...

Lovely moments talaga.. Sayang noh, but am sure God has better plans for Kei kaya she did not make it..

Here's my treasured ones

Joops said...

Your kids are so adorable!

Andrea said...

Those are indeed treasured pictures of your sweet girl!

Congrats to Kei for making it into the top 10 mini K's magazine models. How fun, even though she got sick and wasn't able to do the pictorial, she would make any mother proud!

Clarissa said...

Making something together is great family bonding!!I'm sure the family had a lot of fun most especially the kids!!

Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Jac!!I'll be back next week,uwi muna kami sa In-Laws ko!!I'll be missing you!!Ingat palagi!!^_^

Enjoy your weekend!!^_^

Yami said...

I think your daughter will make a pretty fashion model. May dating at pretty just like her mommy. I'm sure babawi siya next time hindi talaga maiiwasan ang sakit kahit anong alaga sa mga bagets.

Thanks for dropping by Mommy Jac. :)

Chris said...

beautiful pictures :)

they look close and that's awesome! :D

Willa said...

Bummer naman at nagkasakit pa si Kei on the exact day of her audition, di bale, may next time pa naman yata. :)
Happy Weekend!

Lulu said...

i love the piano pic

Bambie dear ★ said...

So kawaii photos.. Sayang she didn't make it pero im sure next time, mas malaki project ang gagawin nya. Ganbatte =) Tell her to not give up =)

shydub said...

She is pretty, and she really did a good job made it to the audition kahit may dinaramdam.

Im glad your PC sis is okay now, hows lifey of the mommy, very bust sa mga bata at school. Have a niceweekend to you guys and hugs to your pretty girls. Like the pictures especially the one they have same pose

Seiko said...

I like the photos of Kei chan Rio chan playing the piano together,'though I love all their photos in here.Sayang she couldn't make it,anyway there'll always be next time.Kei chan kondo koso ganbatte ne,kaze hikanai youni ne.Daisuki da yo!Chu!

Mine's up now Jac.Happy silver week!:D

kikamz said...

you have lovely daughters mommy jac! it has been a while since i visited you. hope all is well! hugs!

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