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mommy moments

Another exciting theme for Mommy Moments participants, it's all about Part of the family.

Hubby's side: I am so blessed and thankful that I have a wonderful in-laws. And I love them so much they respect me and love my kids. My mother in-law is so sweet and caring mom, she's always there to comfort us but I feel sorry that my husband's Father had died before I met him. He must have been a great man to raised such a marvelous kids. About hubby's two siblings as the years go by we became closer and closer, we keep in touch regularly and I am happy that I have a loving in-laws.Thank God :)

(Sorry for not posting their pictures. I will ask for their permission first)

My family: My mom and my dad is in their 50's and last august 7 my parents just celebrated their 31 wedding anniversary ( happy anniversary). My dad, he is the best dad/lolo daddy for us. He's friendly, caring and fun to be around. He's awesome grandpa to my two daughters. My mom is generous and loving she comforts us and she's always there for us . My kids are so close to my dad and mom.
Lola and Lolo Daddy!

My kids favorite tita/aunt gorgeous!

Aunt Jamaica

Mom and Lexie

My cousin Lea

Kei's favorite lolatita/ tita Marlen

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chris said...

its really great to have loving family surround our kids!

thanks for joining kahit late na! :d

chubskulit said...

Hi Mommy Jac, am sure nageenjoy kayo sa inyong vacay! Lovely photos by the way..

bearer of three said...

its great when your children as well as yourself are surrounded by lots of makes life so much easier..beautiful pics

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