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Thank you so much Chris of The Mommy Journey, for the wonderful tag. I really do appreciate it.

1. Try to make a post just like this one and mention this process.

2. From the list of blog sites below remove the number 1 and move the rest in the list 1 step higher (i. e number 2 becomes number 1, and so on). Add your blog name in the 5th position. Don't forget to copy the links. (Here's my list-my site added in the end)

  1. EV Tourism Portal
  2. Home of good ideas
  3. Make or Break
  4. The Mommy Journey
  5. Mom's Special Diary
3. List at most five of your friends blogsite here with link and inform them of this post and ask them to do the same. Here's my list:


Clarissa said...

Thanks for the thoughts,Mommy Jac!!I'll post them soon!!^_^

Glad to hear that Rio' s fine now--napagod lang siguro sa biyahe and all.That' s good news!!^_^
Have a nice day!!

♥Willa♥ said...

i will try to post this on my other blog although medyo naguguluhan ako sa procedure but i guess i have to just copy what you did.Thanks for the linky love.

pehpot said...

Hi Jacris... this is really a cool tag.. mejo may slight mali lang hihi..
the links should be:

Christmas Ring
EV Tourism Portal
Home of good ideas
Make or Break
The Mommy Journey

then move erase the blog on top (Christmas Ring) then add yours below The Mommy Journey :)

Make or Break

Chris said...

thanks for doing this.. now i have another one for you hehehe

Chris said...

just correct the links.. dont erase yung mga original sites :) add mo lang yung sa iyo at the end then tsaka mo i tag yung iba :D

Enchie said...

I'm done! by the way, I some awards for you ;)

♥Willa♥ said...

I did it na, Mommy Jac, Thanks!
Spread The Linky Love

Tetcha said...

Thanks for this tag, Mommy Jac. I will post this on my blog tomorrow.

Imelda said...

i will try to do this now sis, sori ha nabusy kasi beauty ko, lol.

Clarissa said...

Glad to hear na okay na si Rio!!Meron pang konting panahon to enjoy before starting the school days!!yey!!\(^0^)/

Happy Thursday morning,Mommy Jac!!^_^

pehpot said...

no problem at all :)

kahiya nga.. may pag ka intrimitida ang dating *grin

Make or Break

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