food trip Friday-Sweet ground beef with scramble eggs

Here is my Food Trip Friday for this week. Sweet ground beef with scramble eggs.

I always love to cook, I am the type of person that when it comes of preparing our foods I always give my 100%, for them to have at least enough nutrition for a day. Take note, I have learned there's a lot of truth in the saying that "the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Arlene of Healthy Lifestyle


Arlene said...

Hi Jac, great for breakfast yan. Mabili yan sa jollibee sa umaga.

By the way, have you tried ground beef in scrambled eggs? it's a different taste too. :)

Mine is now up! Join us in the celebration!

Willa said...

mukhang masarap nga iyan ah, I'm in the search of good breakfast now, yung easy to prepare para sa boys ko pag dating ng school days.i have put this on my list. :)

shydub said...

Napoaka dedicated , hot mama mo talaga sis, ako I always wanted to do things like that pero matatalo sa katamaran ko. Pagdalawa na anak ko soon, wala ng tamad tamad hala resign nlng sguro ako hehehehe just kidding. Thanks for the visits and comments sis. happy FTF

Anya said...

yummy! pwede ba makatikim?

have an award for you, please try to grab it at my blog, thanks.

Enchie said...

That's a good meal for the kids. And the presentation for them is very important. Pag mukhang masarap at colorful mas gusto nila :)

Yami said...

Gagayahin ko ito. May recipe ka ba for this? Nag-join din sa FTF, medyo wala pa akong oras para mag-post. Sana soon.

I have an award for you pala. Hope you like it.

Ladynred said...

Good for breakfast talaga yan. looks yummy!

Jay - agent112778 said...

i belive in that saying too

and your dish is yummy too

great friday mommyJac and family

Genejosh said...

ang sarap!!!

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