Mommy Moments- Happy Mommy Moments

mommy moments

Making crafts.Part of our golden week bonding moments

Kei and Rio's Birthday Celebration.

Lunch time in Fridays Roppongi Tokyo.

Cuddle time =)

Wacky moments=)

Roppongi Hills Tokyo.

For this weeks theme is Happy Mommy Moments and to all the mothers out there Happy Mothers day.
There's a lot about motherhood that makes a woman special and being a mom is the most toughest yet one of the wonderful learning experience I've ever had.There's nothing more fulfilling than being a Happy Mom to my children.Actually, words is not enough to describe how much I love and adore my kids.Giving them hugs and kisses every day is one of my life's greatest joy.

Share you Happy Mother Moments with us here in Mommy Moments.

Shydub of Simple Happy Life


shydub said...

Ang saya naman ng samahan ninyong magkapatid aw este mag ina pala, hehehehe you look like their older sister sis. happy moments talaga with mommy and kids. I love all the pics.

Anissa said...

To sweet!
Happy Mothers Day.

Jes said...

hi! =) ang drama b ng aking entrya haha =) yeah alam mo nmn tyung mga moms eheheh masyadung madrama =) your kids are so lovely, mga dalaga n...kelan kayu gagawa ng boy nmn eheheh =) thnks for the visit mare hapy mothers day!

Chris said...

i love your pictures. i can see how you guys bond together and really have a close relationship!! kudos to you mom! happy mother's day!

Genejosh said...

Love your wacky moments! three looks so cute...

Happy Mother's Day!

Mine is here
Happy Mommy Moments

Beth Moreno said...

hallu mami jac! cutie naman ng mga girls mo! i love the pic na naka-princess outfits sila...

happy mom's day to you! mwuah! =)

Seiko said...

Happy Mothers Day Jac!

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