Mommy Moments- Haircut

I got so busy this past few days.Sorry guys!!! Anyway. I am back=)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments. theme for today is all about our kids haircut. Both my daughters where 10 months old when they had their first hair cut. The back had grown in uneven so we just cut it and made it even. But now I cut-trim my kids hair myself just to keep it healthy. We had their hair trimmed they don't get short hair till, well in their teens I guess.

Share your story here in Mommy Moments. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Shydub of My Solitude and Serenity


shydub said...

Your girls look adorable with their long hair, ang cute pagmahaba hair ng bata parang barbie.

☆Willa☆ said...

they are beautiful.I have to passed this week. Have a lovely weekend!

Seiko said...

Welcome back Jac!Really glad to know that your daughter's ok now.I like long hair too for girls ang sarap kasing ayusin & your kids are so cute like you!

Jes said...

aw ang cute pag girl tlga noh? ahahah trim lng okay na tayung mga mom ang gumawa....ang akin kasi boy and gurl...ang lola ang taga gupit ehehhe =) salamat sa dalw =0

Andrea said...

That's great that you can cut your daughters' hair yourself. Logan is getting close to needing his first trim but I'm nervous about doing it myself (however it doesn't seem necessary to take him to a professional at this age)! Anyway that is another beautiful pic of your girls :) Thank you for the nice comment on my blog, hope you are having a good weekend as well.

Jade said...

Hey Jac,

They look so cute,your girls.Pag girls it's easier to cut their hairs yourself but I think it would be more difficult for boys.

Hope you have a good June ahead!!!


shydub said...

Hi sis, may award ako for you, grab it pag may oras ka. Thanks nga pala sa mga comments, yeah life parang buhay nga ano.
Sino ba naman hindi ma depress at ma upset sis, kung ang husband mo, mag promise tapos hindi marunong tumupad. buti pa lasunin heheheeh. Sinira ng magaling kong asawa weekend ko. Tingnan mo tuloy 40% nlng happiness hehehehehe
Btw, I always drop by at your blog, minsan kahit tinutupak tong Pc namin, hindi ako makapasok. Iwan ko sa computer lng siguro namin hindo ko makita ang word na DROP sa widget mo natatabunan siya sa sunod na widget. Pero nakikita ko yong badge/widget and word na DROp lng ang hindi. Nagtatago sa akin hehehee.
Gotta go na sis, have a nice week ahead!smooches to your girlz

Tetcha said...

Young girls with long, black hair are a sight to see. Thanks for sharing and for paying my blog a visit. I hope we can also exchange links. Thanks and have a nice day!

Clarissa said...

Another cute pics of your daughters!!Ang ganda ng buhok nila,ang haba pa!Mahirap patubuin ang buhok nina Wakaba at Haruka kaya minsan lang din sila magpaputol ng buhok ^_^

Have a nice day!

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