toy hunt rabbit toys

Hi everyone and welcome to another exciting toy hunting here at When Mom Talks-toy hunt. For this week's them is all about Rabbit toys.

The Sylvanian Family

Join us here at When Mom Talks-toy hunt . Have a great weekend guys.

Joy of When Mom Talks


Joy said...

Ohhh,, they are so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! good thing your kids enjoy hunting too.... make it always a game for them to hunt... it will be easier for you ,,,,
Have a lovely weekend!!!!!!

Norm said...

love those cute little rabbits, so beautiful..

Clarissa said...

They're so cute!!Most especially if you have all the series.My kids also have those Sylvanian Family but I guess they're too young for their age for those toys coz they're too tiny.Some of them were lost(T_T)Sayang ang cu-cute pa naman!

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