square toys - toy hunt

Wow!!! Another exciting toy hunt theme we got here. Well in my first toy hunting I got a hard times remember lol!!! I was so stress talaga because my kids didn't have any green toys that time "har", but now when I visited Joy's When Mom Talks-toy hunt she just brighten up my day.. Because the theme for this week is SQUARE TOYS. Happy that I found this toys in Kei and Rio's room.


Minnie Mouse's venting machine

Georgian Angel


Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

I love the Minnie Mouse vending machine. Cute!
Karen ~Leah Rose's Mom

Chris said...

cool toys ! check out my entry :)

Jes said...

lovely toys! =) my kids would love that! - http://ishiethan.blogspot.com/2009/04/toy-hunt-square-toys.html

Norm said...

what a fabulous toys very beautiful and expensive.


JoyD said...

Hello Mommy Jac... Good thing you find some square toys ,, its nice to share pics... and I love the Minnie Mouse machine!!!!! Especially there in Japan you've got nice toys there,, love to see more of it.. so see you next week!!!!! Rabbit TOYs naman!!!!!

tony said...

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-mopher- said...

the vending machine is very cool hahaha


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