eight tag

Another tag from my friend Shydub of Simple Happy Life and Enchie of Sweet nothing. Thank you again Shy and Enchie for this tag.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1.My kids future.
2.House renovation in the Philippines.
3.New business for me.
4.Take a nice and relaxing summer vacation.
5.New car =)
6.I hope to visit my family again in the Philippines.
7.New friends.
8.Move to a new house or mansion

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1.I woke up 6am and I cooked breakfast.
2.I drop my daughter Rio off to school kindergarten around 9:15am .
3.I cleaned the house and laundry.
4.Lunch date with hubby.
5. Grocery.
7.I pick up my kids from school.
8.I spend almost 1 hour in front of my laptop watching youtube and blogged of course =).

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Flying joke.
2. Baking cakes
3. Finish college
4. Put up my own business
5. Travel in Europe
6. Help the children in need
7. Attend the mass every Sunday
8. Fix some of our family problems in the Philippines

8 Shows I Watch
1. Prison break
2.Ghost whisperer
3.TV patrol
5.National Geographic
6.Disney Channel
8. Variety show

8 People I Tag
1.Seiko of Seiko's Diary
2.Willa of fickleminded
3.Clarissa of Kizuna
4.Raquel of Raquel's Blog
6.Beth of all about Elizabeth
7.Jes of My Little Angels
8.Andrea of Mom Writer Me

Happy Blogging=)

Willa of Smart Mommy


☆Willa☆ said...

another tag for me,Thank you so much, I owe you so many awards and tags already, I'm such a lazy blogger but it doesn't mean I'm ungrateful. I appreciate the thought of course, it's more like, "it's me,not you" situation (the lamest break up line ever!!! lol! ). Like I said, I'm always in my lazy butt!!!

shydub said...

Tags is really cool huh, coz we know a lot of info about ones life. Good to know you more mommyjac, pareho tayo looking forward to back in our native land hehehehe. Bayang magiliw perlas ng silanganan waaaaaa

☆Willa☆ said...

I did it!!! yehey!!!
check it out! Eight Tag

rossel said...

receiving tags means you have many friends in blogosphere.

have a nice day!

Seiko said...

Thank you for this Jac..promise to do it later...Have a great day!God Bless!!

jes said...

aw im here again ehehe =) thnks for rememberng me always =) just dropping by to say hello and God bless|!

Clarissa said...

meron pala akong tag dito!!Thanks for the thoughts,Mommy Jac!!I'll post them as soon as I can!

Seiko said...

Hi Jac!!Done w/ the tag!Really thanks a lot!
Please checki'r out.God Bless!...misses you!

Andrea said...

This was fun to read! Thank you for the tag! I'm going to do it right now! :)

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