One of the Philippines largest network abs-cbn introduced a new teleserye that is relevant to our lives. May bukas pa is set to give hope and inspiration to all the viewers in this time of crisis, when everyone seems to desperate for miracle. May bukas pa is the story of a boy name Santino who was left by his mother in a monastery when he was still a baby.He was raised by priests Father Anthony , Father Jose , and Father Ringo . Longing for the love of his birth mother, Santino will find a confidant in ‘Bro’ which the priests believes is his ‘imaginary’ friend.But when the town starts to witness miraculous events which Santino claims to be the works of his friend ‘Bro’, the people will be led to believe that the boy has a gift from God.

I really love this show, heartwarming story and set to open the eyes of viewers that there will always be hope amidst trials and difficulties. Miracles don’t just fall from heaven but comes to those who keep their faith.

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