HEY! oh hay fever

It has been five days since my last post. I feel bad not greeting everyone Happy Valentine's day "sorry." So what have I been doing? Well I feel really bad these past few weeks my eyes is teary and itchy, runny nose sneezing like crazy and I can't sleep at all what could be worst than having a HAY FEVER that you feel you've been too miserable. I used to suffer this seasonal allergic rhinitis, also know as HAY FEVER since three years ago and I tried some medicine but nothing ever worked for me. For some people HAY FEVER are a minor, temporary nuisance. But if your symptoms are more persistent like mine they make your life worst and even lost most of you day hiding and wearing a dust mask. Finding the right HAY FEVER treatment probably won't completely eliminate the symptoms — but for most people, I think it makes a big difference.

At the moment of thinking of breaking down :(( and trying some over the counter medicine hopefully this one works for me.... By the way to all my readers with hay fever, have you ever tried any other natural hay fever remedies? I would be very happy to hear about your stories!.

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shydub said...

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