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People are concerned about the quality of the water they drink. We all know the importance of water, but why our society continues to contaminate this precious resource. Did you know that water covers 70% of the Earth and only 1% of the Earth’s water is available as source of drinking. Take note only 1% of water is usable to us. Water is one of the nature’s most important gift to man kind, essential of life. We should take this topic seriously, what will happen if there's no clean water to drink? For hygiene how can we take a shower ? etc ... Water supply is commodity necessary for our survival. We should make a effort in order to save water.

♥ Water Conservation.
In simple ways we can help. Let's start it in our home by learning how to conserve water is the best thing to do. Few hours ago I was talking to my mom through phone, and she told me that the water bill in her house fluctuate since four months ago. I came up with the idea of sharing this chart to her and at the same time ask her if she consumed water properly. Take a look at the chart
Average indoor water use
♥ Bathroom:
The bathroom is where most of the home's water is used. Shower and baths consumed about 30% of water used indoors. You can save water by keeping each shower short, running the water only when it is needed lather up and rinse off.
♥ Toilet:
Toilet is the second most used in our home too. Some of us use this toilet as a garbage disposal don't do that, flush only when its necessary.
♥Washing Machines:
Washing your clothes is a necessity. However, keep in mind that laundry uses 22% of all water in your home! In order to maximize the efficiency of your laundry, only do full loads. Another way to save water is to ask yourself "Does this really need washing?" A lot of times, people wear clothes for only a few hours, and then discard them as "Dirty". Use discretion in when you wash your clothes
♥Faucets and Dishwasher
For faucets replace washer-less faucets and tighten the waterline connection and valves ,for dishwasher look for water drips or stains underneath or in back of the machine. For more information about this topic visit Water Service and Meters

Remember water conservation means doing the same with less. It is the management of water as a resource to eliminate waste and maximize the efficient of use. Use water wisely...

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