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Sensitive skin like me? I think finding the right brand of make-up is hard, this is my simple advise to all the ladies out there with the same problems like mine. Checking the products that say they are hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin is important. You might also try switching to all natural or organic products. They are more expensive but will be easier on your skin than the chemicals in most make-up you have, and it helps us to minimize the possibility to have an allergic reaction. If you have the make-up you should learn how to apply it properly... But there are things to remember on
"How to look Natural and Beautiful" step by step. (step1) With extra time spent outdoors,our skin attracts more dirt and pollution that we need to wash away. More frequent cleaning of our face with a natural soap or cleanser is necessary specially this summer.(step2) Select a moisturizer to wear every day whether you have a foundation on top of it or go natural with no make-up.If there are any blemishes that need to be covered use concealer,after that apply a base of foundation "REMEMBER" wear a foundation that matches your skin tone, if you want to look well choose the right brand. For me "the lighter you feel to your make-up, the better your face will look"(step3). for cheeks try the color pink or peach will be more attractive on most skin tones.(step4) Pick lighter eye shadows,a little more shimmer on your eyes for a daytime look (step5) Stay in the light, airy mood for your lips as you adjust your make-up and keep your lipstick two to three shades lighter to look natural.Use pink or peach for a less heavy look ...Remember being simple is beautiful...God Bless

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